Android P: Which smartphones and tablets will get the update?


As every year, Google offers developers the opportunity to preview the new version of its operating system. Its name is still unknown, of course, but now users of some smartphones can install an early version of Android 9.0 P and get a first impression of what’s to come. Want to know if you can install it on your smartphone? We’ve got the answer below!

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Android P is official

Android P has finally arrived. This is excellent news for some people, they will be able to discover the new features that Google has prepared. Of course, this is only an Alpha version so theoretically we could find many bugs, but as the developer preview versions progress, the number of errors  should decrease until the final version is released.

For others, the arrival (although partial) of this new version only increases the problem of fragmentation of Android versions. Barely a little more than 1% of users are on Android Oreo, almost 43% of users have a version lower than Marshmallow. It’s a lot, too much even. We can only hope that manufacturers will up their game with Android One and Android Go

Which devices can install Android P?

For each device, 3 options are possible:

  • The update is available
  • The update is not yet available, but the manufacturer has confirmed that it will be
  • The update has not been confirmed, but we think that it is probable.


Smartphone Android P
Google Pixel 2 Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel 2 XL Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel Yes (Update received)
Google Pixel XL Yes (Update received)

At the moment, this new version of Android can only be installed on 4 devices, all originating from the big G, of course. This tradition dates back to the Nexus era, when Nexus had a reputation for being devices for developers, and therefore the most suitable for testing new versions.


Smartphone Android P
Honor 9 Probable
Honor View 10 Probable


Smartphone Android P
HTC U11 Yes (planned)
HTC U11 Life Yes (planned)


Smartphone Android P
Huawei Mate 10 Probable
Huawei Mate 10 Pro Probable
Huawei P10 Probable


Smartphone Android P
LG G6 Probable
LG V30 Probable


Smartphone Android P
Moto Z2 Play Probable
Moto Z2 Force Probable


Smartphone Android P
Nokia 3 Yes (planned)
Nokia 5 Yes (planned)
Nokia 6 Yes (planned)
Nokia 6 (2018) Yes (planned)
Nokia 7 Yes (planned)
Nokia 8 Yes (planned)
Nokia 8 Sirocco Yes (planned)



Smartphone Android P
OnePlus 5 Probable
OnePlus 5T Probable




Smartphone Android P
Xperia XZ Premium Probable
Xperia XZs Probable
Xperia XZ2 Probable
Xperia XZ2 Compact Probable


Smartphone Android P
Xiaomi Mi 6 Probable
Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 Probable

We will update this list as soon as we have new information. In the meantime, feel free to comment if you know of any other smartphones that will be updated.

Have you had the chance to try the preview version of Android P?

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