Google Home Mini and Max: Competition with Alexa just got even tougher


Google Home Mini: Small and cheap, affordable for everyone

The Google Home Mini is much smaller than the standard Google Home and has a circular shape. Available in three different colors, (chalk, charcoal and coral), the device has four colored LEDs at the top of the device which illuminate when you communicate with the Assistant. The speaker’s base is round and matches the main color of the device.

Small in size and price, it costs $ 49 and you can put it anywhere in your house. Google promises an excellent audio experience, but it can be optimized further by connecting the device to a TV through a Chromecast.

AndroidPIT Google Pixel 2 4 Google Home Mini in the three different colors. / © AndroidPIT

The Google Home Mini will be available from 19th October but only in Japan, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Great Britain and America.

Opinion by Jessica Murgia

It’s a great value for the price

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Google Home Max: a speaker for the most demanding users

However, if you don’t want to sacrifice an optimal audio experience, the Google Home Mini could be too small for you and a better option would be the Google Home Max, a wireless speaker with two 0.7-inch tweeters and two 4.5-inch woofers.

In terms of design, the device has a polycarbonate body and a fabric top with four LEDs. The same is true for the Home Mini, but with a more rectangular shape. The Google Home Max can be positioned vertically or horizontally and guarantees a significantly superior audio experience to that of the standard Google Home.

Opinion by Jessica Murgia

Audiophiles will want to spring for the $ 399 Google Home Max

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With support from Spotify, YouTube and Google Music, the search engine giant will satisfy the needs of many different users and, with Voice Match, each user will also be able to create their favorite playlists. It goes without saying that Google Assistant is included and is ready to accommodate your requests. In this case, the price is $ 399 and the availability is restricted to America.

AndroidPIT Google Pixel 2 7 For those that aren’t prepared to sacrifice a quality audio experience. / © AndroidPIT

Google Home Mini and Max: the best time to release them

Smart Home, Smart Home and more Smart Home. We’re inundated with information about this topic. The future is voice commands and a more and more intuitive interaction with devices that we surround ourselves with to improve our daily lives.

Last year, Google entered the Smart Home world with its speaker with integrated Assistant. Its skills are developing and the Smart Home concept is becoming more and more familiar for users: what better time to introduce the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max?

‘Voice Match’ allows you to recognize voices of different users while the “Broadcast” feature allows you to send a message to all your domestic devices. “It’s time to get out of bed”, for example. A nightmare for kids, a blessing for parents. With this feature, Google turns its attention to families by creating a smarter Assistant which is able to understand children. In addition to this, to become one of the family, Google Home can now tell stories, teach lessons and provide games to entertain the kids who, in association with Disney, will be able to enjoy exclusive content with Mickey Mouse and Star Wars.

Opinion by Jessica Murgia

To get ahead of the Alexa, globally Google must release Assistant in other languages as soon as possible

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$ 109 for a standard Google Home smart speaker is still quite a high price for many users, but the device at $ 49 dollars is more affordable. A price that many will be prepared to pay out of curiosity and a desire to put Google Assistant to the test.

AndroidPIT Google Pixel 2 3 Compact and affordable, it will pop up in many households. / © AndroidPIT

Google Home Max is aimed at music lovers who don’t want to spend a lot of money but who are looking for something extra special (in this case, the artificial intelligence). Google will declare war on the Amazon Alexa by responding to their new release, the Echo Dot. The ‘war of the assistants’ is getting tough. Some brands look to Assistant, others rely on Alexa and others, like Harman & Kardon. The users are free to choose; we’re now faced with the task of understanding the differences between the two assistants and the compatible devices in order to choose the best one.

Right now, it’s impossible to declare a winner between Alexa and Assistant. However, both assistants are improving and are developing support for other devices from the brand in order to turn your house into a Smart Home and to provide a truly comprehensive and intuitive user experience.

AndroidPIT harman smart speaker 0380 The competition between Alexa and Assistant is getting increasingly tough. / © AndroidPIT

As shown during the event, Assistant currently works with more than 1000 Smart Home devices from 100 different brands. If you have a Nest camera in your house, you can ask Google to show you any captured images on your TV through a Chromecast. The integration of Nest, the market leader for home security, is really interesting. With facial recognition, which we’ve also seen on the Nest Cam IQ and on the Nest Hello Bell, Google Home will tell you who called. And with a simple “Good evening, Google”, Google Home can activate all the security devices.

This is what the users want: an intelligent, easy to use ecosystem. What’s better is that the competition between Alexa and Assistant will only benefit the users and the market: the number of devices available for purchase is increasing and the prices, we hope, will decline.

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