LG may be releasing two new versions of the G6 this month


According to Korean news site ET News, LG is launching two new models of its current flagship, the LG G6. This will be the first time LG launches a derivative model of one of its premium smartphones. These two new models will be called the LG G6 Plus and the LG G6 Pro. Find out the rumored specs and release date details here.

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LG G6 Plus and Pro release date

Since the LG G6 Plus and Pro will be based on the G6, we don’t expect there to be any substantial changes in design. The main difference between these new models will be storage capacity and price. LG is reportedly set to release the two new models of the LG G6 at the end of June 2017. It will appear in LG’s home turf of South Korea, and also in the global market.

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LG G6 Plus rumored specs and price

The LG G6 Plus will come with wireless charging, a feature that was previously only available in the US version. It will also double the amount of built in memory, from 64 to 128 GB. The price should be a step up from the original G6 at 900,000 won, which converts to $ 800 USD.

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LG G6 Pro rumored specs and price

The LG G6 Pro, on the other hand, will actually be cheaper than the LG G6. It will have half the internal storage capacity of its predecessor, dropping from 64 to 32 GB. Apart from the storage capacity being reduced, most of the functionality will reportedly remain the same as the original. This model will reportedly cost around 700,000 won, which converts to $ 623 USD.

Creating derivative models of the G6 flagship will allow LG to diversify its portfolio of offerings to meet consumer demand for different configurations at various price points. Ultimately, this will not only allow the manufacturer to reduce the cost of developing and manufacturing new phones, but also maximize sales.

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