Livestream: The upcoming phones you should wait for


The first 3 months of 2018 saw the arrival of numerous excellent smartphones, which we’ll no doubt continue to talk about for some time. But it’s just the beginning. Here are the exciting new Android phones that will be released in the next months.

What will we be talking about this Friday?

What will be the best new phone to buy in 2018? With the fast pace of smartphone evolution, there’s always something to wait for. Thanks to leaks and rumors, we already have an idea of the next upcoming devices. We know more about some devices than about others, but LG, OnePlus, Honor, HTC, Motorola, Google and even Huawei and Samsung still have something to show us. Today we want to take a look together at those phones that haven’t yet launched. 


Be sure to tune in at 11:30 am Eastern US time (or 4:30 pm if you are in the UK) on our YouTube channel or our Facebook page. See you then!

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