Noisy Pixel 2? High-pitched sound and clicking issue surfaces


Google’s Pixel 2 phones continue to define what the perfect Android smartphone should be by harnessing advancements in hardware and software to deliver the ultimate Android experience. But as is with tech, there are always some kinks at first. After the Pixel 2 XL’s display quality issues, there now seems to be a strange high pitch frequency sound and clicking plaguing some Pixel 2 handsets.

There have been reports of Pixel 2 users experiencing high-pitch frequencies and clicking (or ticking like a clock) whenever the display is on and unlocked, where it is discernible when the ear is placed on the device in the same manner as that to taking a phone call. An audio recording of an alleged affected Pixel 2 handset can be heard here

Users have tried different ways to get rid of this annoying and clicky sound, but to no avail. So far, there has been no identification of what triggers the noise. The issue crops up after rebooting the handset, booting it up in safe mode, turning on airplane mode and even going to the extent of performing a factory reset.

At least one person who has two Pixel 2 phones experienced the high frequency sound on both handsets, but clicking on only one of them. Another claimed that the clicking sound occurs only when NFC connectivity is turned on, while the whining, high frequency sound happens only with a phone call.

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Possible solutions

There are some possible solutions that might help get rid of this irritating noise. It’s possible to reduce or eliminate the clicking and high pitch frequency sound by taking advantage of Wi-Fi calling whenever possible, assuming your mobile carrier supports this feature. In order to see whether you can make use of Wi-Fi calling, open up the Phone app, select the ‘More’ icon that is represented by three vertical dots located on the top right corner, and then choose Settings > Calls. If your carrier supports this option, then the ‘Configure Wi-Fi Calling’ option should show. Alternatively, the use of a hands-free or Bluetooth headset might also resolve the issue.

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The last resort would be to get in touch with Google and obtain assistance from them. Assuming this issue cannot be fixed, then do your best to obtain a replacement handset. As there is no proper documentation available on how widespread this issue is among Pixel 2 units and what are the possible causes behind it, the replacement Pixel 2 device could also run into similar issues.

If you’re an early adopter, you’re probably thinking the Pixel 2 issues are unpleasant but part of the game. Regardless though, perhaps before buying a Pixel 2, you might want to consider waiting or some other possible smartphone options instead.

Is your Pixel 2 affected by the high frequency sound and clicking noise issue? Is it something that you are able to live with? 

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