Pocoron Dungeons v4.14.0 Mod Apk


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Pocoron Dungeons

Pocoron Dungeons v4.14.0 Mod Apk 9 million DL breakthrough thanks to everyone!
Every day at the login rainbow crystal one for free!

Appeared puzzle RPG tracing of the rising popularity in the long-awaited!
Trying to feel the puzzle RPG that was created for the smartphone-tablet!

Monsters such as dragons, colorful dungeon of gimmick-packed, exhilarating battle with easy operation!
“Po colon Dungeons (Pokodan)” is a puzzle RPG where you can enjoy in the free download.

▼ basic rule is simple! Only trace the puzzle!
Just move the hero character by tracing the puzzle “Pokoron” of the same color!
And successfully traced the “Pokoron”, trying to capture a mysterious dungeon to change the appearance every time you challenge!

▼ Defeat the enemy monsters of the dungeon!
Proceed by tracing the puzzle “Pokoron” of the same color, attack the enemy monsters!
Attack force up in chain effect if Tsunagere a lot! Combo effect in a continuous attack too!
A fellow monster can be summoned by the color of the Pokoron was traced!

▼ Let’s make the equipment from the material that was available!
By combining the material obtained in the dungeon in the blacksmith, trying to produce a weapon-armor!

If you can get a rare material, so rare equipment can make!
Gonna to see the favorite equipment!

▼ Let spider the strongest party raised a monster!
To strengthen and evolve the monster you fellow in the dungeon, trying to make the only party Kimi!
Monsters and evolve under certain conditions, even a monster that can not be a friend only in limited dungeon …!

▼ challenge to the coalition in cooperation with friends Quest (Multiplayer)!
If you have a quest that can not be clear, trying to get help from your friends!
Trying to get the rare items in partnership with friends! !

Mod Features:
God Mode
1 Hit Kill

Notes: Complete the tutorial with the ORIGINAL version first, and then install this MOD, loading your previous progresses.


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