Poll results: Will the iPhone 8 be better than the Galaxy S8?


We won’t find out for sure until September if the iPhone 8 is as good as, or maybe even better than, the Galaxy S8. Nevertheless, last week we asked if you think Apple’s next flagship will manage to beat Samsung’s latest, and now we’re back with the results.

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Since the Galaxy S8 came out in April, we’ve done a full review of the device and it impressed us in almost every way. Its technical specs give it superior performance, whilst its design is among the absolute best on the market. It would be a difficult task for the iPhone 8 to top this, and the poll results reflect this.

The results show that over half of AndroidPIT readers who participated are doubtful that the iPhone 8 will be better than the S8. 21 percent of voters were certain that it wouldn’t be better, responding “no way”, while 33 percent were kind of leaning the same direction, responding “I doubt it”.

On the flip side, a quarter of respondents answered positively about the iPhone 8’s prospects against the S8. 13 percent said it would be better than the S8 “without a doubt” and 12 percent said it was “very likely”. Those who have confidence in the iPhone 8 are a minority among AndroidPIT readers.

21 percent of the 281 voters said they were “not sure yet” whether it would be better. This makes sense, as there just haven’t been enough consistent leaks about the device so far to make a proper judgment. The latest rumors about the device say that it will have a more powerful processor than its predecessor and smaller bezels, in addition to a vertical dual camera and 3D facial recognition camera. To really set itself apart, the next iPhone could increase its battery life and perhaps opt for better placement of the fingerprint scanner than the S8. But, until details are unconfirmed by Apple, we can’t be sure of anything.

Are you excited about the next iPhone? Let us know why or why not in the comments.

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