Samsung Galaxy S9: in development under codename “Star”


Korean news site The Bell is reporting that Samsung’s next S series flagship is already under development and that the codename has been chosen. Tentatively called the Samsung Galaxy S9, the device bears the internal codename “Star”. Here is the full scoop.

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Samsung Galaxy S9: price and release date

Rumor has it that Samsung has already started developing the followup to the Galaxy S8, and it’s three to four months ahead of schedule, according to The Bell. That’s a pleasant surprise given that Samsung should be quite busy with the Note 8, which is also due to be released soon. We expect to see the S9 be released next year around the same time as the S8, if not a bit earlier since it is ahead of schedule – so, between February and April 2018. It will likely cost at least $ 720, which was the starting price of the S8.

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The Galaxy S9 should differentiate itself with its technical specs

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Samsung Galaxy S9: codename might mean improved display or performance specs

It’s not clear why the Galaxy S9’s codename is Star. One could guess that it has to do with the shining display. So, a more refined or improved Infinity Display could be in the works. Or, it’s possible that it will have a superior processor and be fast like a shooting star. The S9 would probably have a next generation Qualcomm processor, potentially called a Snapdragon 845. The codenames for the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are Dream and Great, respectively – which don’t reveal much, as usual. Samsung’s cryptic codename could be subject to change, as this is merely an unconfirmed rumor for the moment.

Samsung Galaxy S9: design and renders

Since there’s little to no information about the Galaxy S9 available at the moment, the design of the device is largely unknown. That means the rumor-based renders appearing online differ widely. Take these with a grain of salt before you feast your eyes on all the fun possibilities.

Here’s one from designer Benjamin Geskin that was posted in late March showing a vertically oriented dual camera and a fingerprint scanner under the display, like what is expected in the Note 8.

Another render from earlier this month illustrates the possibility of a very high 95 percent screen to body ratio, and it also mentions a Snapdragon 845 processor – which would be the next step up from the S8’s brand new Snapdragon 835. 

An older concept video from January showed an idea for what the creator calls “Triple Edge Ultra Slim” design, for better screen to body ratio, and a horizontal dual camera on the back. 

What do you want to see in Samsung’s 2018 S series flagship? What do you think the codename means? Let us know in the comments below. 

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