How to back everything up on your Galaxy smartphone

Our steps here are suitable for most Samsung Galaxy devices, so whether you’re still hanging on to your trusty S4, S5, S6 or S7, or whether you have a new device such as the S8, S8 Plus or the recently released Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus and most other Galaxy devices, you can follow these steps to secure your data.

MobiKin Assistant for Android

So, how do you backup your Samsung? The fastest and easiest way to backup everything on your Galaxy is to get the MobiKin Assistant for Android. Enjoy the peace-of-mind of knowing all of your contacts, text messages, music, videos and more are backed up.

Simply download the software to your PC, plug your phone in and everything will be backed up very quickly. All you need to do is follow some easy instructions. You can also recover your data from this device if you so choose. 

mobikin screenshot Backup and recover everything on your Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and the majority of other Galaxy phones / © MobiKin

MobiKin backs up all your data by securely exporting your files to your computer, all of which will be transferred in their original format and data quality, at the end you’ll not only have a backup, but you’ll free up precious memory on your device. Get started by downloading the software and secure everything on your Galaxy.

Which category should I use to backup my Samsung Galaxy?

Backups basically fall into two categories: those for rooted users, and those for non-rooted users. If you are not rooted, there are several options available, which we’ll cover below. If you do have root level access, you’ll have an easier time performing your backup (that’s a topic for another tutorial).

We’ll show you the best methods for keeping your apps and data safe so if you have your phone stolen, get a Gremlin-filled update or otherwise fall foul of good luck, your essential data will still be safe.

Important: don’t only rely on backups

There’s a lot to be said for the old-fashioned way of backing things up: regularly transferring them to your computer. Connect with a USB cable (don’t forget to install the Android USB drivers first) and copy your pictures, music and documents to your hard drive.

You can also use cloud storage to automatically save various files on your computer, such as Google’s great Photos app that automatically uploads your camera shots. You can also link certain folders to a cloud service such as Drive or Box (I do this for screenshots).

Your emails are internet-hosted and WhatsApp messages are safe because they are backed up to your SD card every day at 4 am anyway, so you just need to save the database file before doing a reset.

backup1 CAPTION – REPLACE ME! / © Mobikin

Your device isn’t rooted? No problem, there’s another option

In the settings menu of your smartphone or tablet you’ll find the backup and reset settings, where you can add an account to which your apps, data and passwords can be backed up. This is usually your Google account.

This is also where you set your restore options and activate a factory reset. It is also a good idea to sign in to your favorite apps with an account that can be used to store your data if you lose your phone or have to reinstall the app at some point. Many apps also offer cloud backup options and you’ve got plenty of cloud backup services that you can use to regularly schedule backups too.

How to create a backup

If you don’t want everything stored in the cloud or on your Google account then you can simply use your computer to make a backup of your apps and data. The best in class in this area is Clockworkmod’s Carbon Backup, now known as Helium.

Helium – App Sync and Backup Install on Google Play

Simply install Helium on your Android and then on your computer, click the following link to download Helium for desktop and follow the prompts. You’ll be able to backup all sorts of stuff, including your apps and data, predictive typing predictions, text messages and call logs. Here’s how it’s done.

AndroidPIT USB Debugging Developer Options You need USB Debugging enabled first. / © AndroidPIT

1. Don’t forget: you need to have USB Debugging enabled in Developer Options in your phone first (see screenshots above).

2. Tap build number (in Settings > About Phone) seven times until it pops up. Connect your Galaxy to your computer with a USB cable and establish the connection.

mobikin image 2 Go to Settings > Accounts tab > Backup and reset and set up your backup account. / © AndroidPIT mobikin image 3 Ensure USB debugging is enabled. / © AndroidPIT

3. Once the connection is established, start selecting the apps and data you’d like to backup.

4. ”Select all” or select individual apps and you also have the option to only backup your app data, but not the app itself. This makes your backup file much smaller, and you will simply need to reinstall the app from the Play Store before restoring your data.

mobikin image 4 Tap the blue window icon in the bottom left to get started, or tick individual apps. © AndroidPIT / © AndroidPIT

5. Make sure you enable PC Download in the action overflow menu to activate a unique IP address on the Helium server from which you can access your backup from your computer. Type in the unique URL to download your backup for safe keeping. Otherwise, hit Backup and you’re done.

Now, you just need to remember to do backups regularly!

AndroidPIT Helium Backup Server Backup everything on your Galaxy. / © AndroidPIT

Have you ever lost all the data on your phone? We hope you’ve backed everything up on your Galaxy now! Leave a comment and let us know.

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Merry Christmas from AndroidPIT: A look back at 2017

It’s still a few days until the year is officially over, but for us, it’s time to call it to a close. Let’s take a look back at the past year and analyze its ups and downs together.

In retrospect, 2017 has been a more challenging year than we could have imagined. It was a year of change, with some old faces leaving and some new faces joining for the ride. We transitioned from having several editorial teams divided by country to a global editorial team – which might sound easy on paper, but in reality it was much more complicated – and on top of that, we tried our hand at a few new ambitious goals, which you will have the chance to hear more about in the new year. 

The main objectives we set for 2017 are: 

  • New video formats and more videos.
  • Better quality content.
  • A community blog with content written by readers.
  • Strengthening the community.

We worked on these four goals all year with our entire, undivided international team which includes our six different domains. But, we have to admit, it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

I could give examples for each of the points above to illustrate why it wasn’t so simple. For example, with creating more videos, things are made complicated when you are a global team creating videos in six languages. A plan for publishing efficiently had to be made through trial and error. While you might think livestreams could make things easier, there are other technical requirements and those in front of the camera have to feel at ease.

But, we’re on the right track, testing livestreams out on several domains already. We’re gaining experience behind the camera and in front of it in order to bring weekly English language livestreams to soon.

Better and more diverse content on AndroidPIT

There are conflicting opinions on article updates among our readers. Some regular readers, who may visit the website several times per day, might be uninterested in updates to existing articles, while others may find it helpful to have comprehensive, up-to-date information in a single article. Our editorial team has discussions about how to strike the right balance often.

Personally, I believe we have been successful in our goal of publishing better quality and more diverse content over the past year. The best example of this has been the result of our various Expert Groups, which have formed around topics like AR/VR, smart home and wearables. 

AndroidPIT Christmas 5715 We don’t just cover smartphones! / © AndroidPIT

Strengthen community and community blogs on AndroidPIT

For us at AndroidPIT, the community has always been the backbone of our site. However, in the last few years we have put it aside a bit. We had planned to work on it this year but we couldn’t manage it as well as we would like to have due to some projects which required our resources and attention. However, we are working hard to make communication better between moderators, administrators, the product team and the whole crew in general to bring out the best for our community.

We haven’t forgotten about our community. Through our contacts, we have launched campaigns with partners like Devolo, Asus, OnePlus and Huawei, even if not in the English website for now. We still have plenty of room to make our community even stronger. 

Conclusion: It has been an exciting 2017, and an even more exiting 2018 is on the horizon. 

I’d like to close the article by saying goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018, and by thanking you for sticking with us on this journey as we evolve to better cover the tech world in the future.

And in the spirit of Christmas, we should focus on the positive aspects of 2017, not just on the negative ones. If you want to hear more about our future projects and plans, all you have to do is wait for Fabien’s article on January 1st. Meanwhile, Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones!

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How to back up Android and keep your data safe

Power users are advised to always do a backup before a root or before flashing your ROM. The reason is simple: some manipulations require factory reset and therefore erase your data, so it is better to have put them elsewhere to be able to restore them.

Skip to solution:

MobiKin Assistant for Android

You should always back up your data as you never know when you might accidentally delete something valuable. Losing precious data can happen not just when you lose your phone. It could also happen when you perform updates or clean out your files to save space. Whatever the reason, you should keep your data backed up.

Now with MobiKin Assistant for Android, backing up your data has never been easier. You can ensure you never lose your contacts, text messages, apps, photos, music, videos and more. It safely exports them to your computer in their original format and retains the quality of your data.

mobikin Back up all of your data on MobiKin’s user-friendly interface. / © MobiKin

Getting started on keeping your data safe with MobiKin is fast and simple and once you’ve downloaded the software you can back up your data with just one click. Let MobiKin do the work and enjoy the peace-of-mind of having your data secured.

If you are a PC owner just follow this link to get started. 

If you own a Mac, follow this link

Follow the few steps after downloading and your data will be safely backed up and your phone will have more free memory. 

Google backup

As you probably know, Google is more than willing to help keep all your apps and data safe. If you go into your phone’s settings, you’ll find a section called Backup & Reset. In here you’ll find an option for backing up your data, including Wi-Fi passwords, preferences and app data. All of this will be tied to your Google account, which you can set to automatically restore when you re-install an app.

AndroidPIT Android 5 1 Lollipop Google backup settings Backing up app data to your Google account is the easiest kind of backup. / © ANDROIDPIT

App backup (for non-rooted phones)

There are plenty of useful backup solutions in the Play Store. Some for specific purposes like backing up your text messages and others for an all-in-one backup. Easy Backup & Restore is a free app that lets you back up your contacts, call logs, text messages, calendars and bookmarks.

easy backup app It’s all in the name: Easy backup & Restore is a breeze for creating backups. / © ANDROIDPIT

Easy Backup doesn’t back up your photos, music, videos or documents. These are very easy to back up yourself though using a USB cable and your computer: just locate the appropriate folders on your phone in a Windows Explorer window and copy and paste the contents to your computer.

Easy Backup & Restore Install on Google Play

How to back up everything on Android with Easy Backup & Restore

1. Download Easy Backup on your Android device.

2. When you launch the app, you’ll be asked if you want to create a backup. Tap Yes.

3. You’ll then see a bunch of check boxes next to the things you can back up: SMS, MMS, call logs, calendar, bookmarks, dictionary and contacts. Make your selections and tap OK.

AndroidPIT Easy Backup create backup types Create backup and choose what to save. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. You’ll be asked for a save location for your backup. Make your selection and tap it.

5. If you select a cloud service you’ll have to sign in. If you select SD card you’ll have to confirm the directory.

AndroidPIT Easy Backup location directory Choose a backup location and choose your directory (for SD card backups). / © ANDROIDPIT

Alternatively, you can choose another option like Gmail. To do this, you just need choose Gmail from the options and send your information there. Remember though that you may need to send your data in segments due to restrictions on volume. 

6. You’ll then be asked to give the backup a file name. The date and time is the default. If you have multiple devices you might want to modify the file name to include the device you’re backing up.

AndroidPIT Easy Backup file name progress Adda file name for your backup and sit back and relax. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. You’ll then see a progress page when your data is being backed up. Once completed, you’ll get a pop up window with a summary of what was backed up.

AndroidPIT Easy Backup completed summary You’ll get a summary of the backup and a pass message when completed. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. If your phone is rooted, you can also back up your apps and app data. If not, you can still tap on the Apps Tools tab in the main menu and create a backup of the APKs on your phone. APKs are like an .exe on a computer: it’s the program or app package. If your Google settings are enabled to back up your app data and settings (outlined above) you can use this option to back up the apps themselves and Google’s backup to save the settings and data in the apps.

9. Just check the boxes next to the apps you want to save and hit Backup at the bottom.

AndroidPIT Easy Backup APK app selection Even if you can’t back up all your app data you can save the app package files (APK). / © ANDROIDPIT

10. When you want to restore your apps or data, just hit the Restore tab. You’ll be prompted to set Easy backup as the default SMS app. You can change this back once your backup has been restored.

AndroidPIT Easy Backup restore backup Restoring backups is a piece of cake. / © ANDROIDPIT

11. Select the backup you want to restore and tap it. You’ll see a pop up with details of what will be restored. Tap OK and you’re done.

AndroidPIT Easy BAckup restore types installed apps Choose what to restore (left) and keep an eye on archived apps (right) / © ANDROIDPIT

12. Restoring your apps is slightly different. Go back to Apps Tools in the main menu and tap the Archived tab.

13. You can check off the APKs you want to restore, then tap Install at the bottom.

14. You’ll then see the permissions screen for each app, like you would with any new app you install.

App backup (for rooted phones)

If your phone is rooted then there is no better backup solution than Titanium Backup. Titanium Backup lets you back up absolutely everything on your phone. The complete backup can be restored at any time and you can set up scheduled backups so you have a regular snapshot of your Android phone’s contents.

titanium app Titanium Backup is in many ways the gold standard for Android backups. / © ANDROIDPIT

Backups can be performed without even closing the apps you’re currently using and they can be saved as flashable zips. Titanium also lets you transfer files between the SD card and your phone with the utmost ease.

Titanium Backup ★ root Install on Google Play

How to back up everything on Android with Titanium Backup

1. Download the Titanium Backup app on your rooted Android.

2. Start the app and grant it root privileges. You’ll be asked to read some disclaimers and so on (this is a good idea).

AndroidPIT Titanium Backup superuser disclaimer Titanium needs superuser permission in order to do full backups. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. You need to have USB Debugging enabled on your phone.

4. In Titanium you’ll see three tabs. One is an Overview tab with information on your device, the second is Backup/Restore where all the fun stuff takes place and the third is for scheduling regular backups.

5. Go to the Backup and Restore tab. You’ll see a list of your phone’s contents along with icons that indicate whether or not they have been backed up. Triangular warning signs mean you have no backup and smiley faces are pretty self explanatory.

AndroidPIT Titanium Backup overview backup restore Overview provides information on your device and Backup/Restore is where the fun begins./ © ANDROIDPIT

6. If you want to back up your system data or apps, tap the little document with a check mark on it at the top. This will take you to the batch actions list.

7. You can then tap Run next to whatever action you want completed. If you want to back up your apps, tap Run next to Backup all User Apps and if you want to back up your system data tap Run next to Backup all System Data.

AndroidPIT Titanium Backup batch actions backing up Batch Actions gives you options to back up apps, data and much more. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. Titanium will then go through the process of creating your backup. This may take a while.

9. Once completed, your backup will be labeled with the date and saved. You can also create an file to be flashed through recovery if you like, or you can restore through Titanium itself.

10. To restore in Titanium, just go to the Batch Actions screen again and scroll down. You’ll see options under the Restore setting for the actions you completed earlier: in this case, Restore all apps with data and Restore all system data.

AndroidPIT Titanium Backup restore all system data Restoring apps and system data is equally easy. / © ANDROIDPIT

11. Tap Run next to the actions you want to restore.

12. You’ll then have the option to restore everything you backed up or just some sections of it. Make your choices and tap the green check mark in the top right-hand corner.

PC backup with Helium

Helium is a great tool for creating a complete backup without root access. You install the Helium app on your phone, grab the desktop version as well and pair the two. Once you’ve made the connection, you can do Titanium-like backups without needing root access.

You simply tell Helium which apps and data you want to back up and away it goes. The Pro version lets you schedule automatic backups and store your backups in the cloud.

Helium – App Sync and Backup Install on Google Play helium app Helium, in combination with your PC, is an unbeatable combination for backups. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to install Helium on Android and PC

1. Download the Helium app on your Android.

2. Install Helium on your PC.

3. Connect your Android to your PC with a USB cable.

AndroidPIT Helium Backup welcome connect Install Helium on your computer and phone and make the connection. / © ANDROIDPIT

4. Enable USB Debugging on your Android.

5. You might be asked to switch your USB connection type to PTP (camera mode).

6. You’ll be prompted to accept your computer’s RSA key.

AndroidPIT Helium Backup USB debugging connection established Once you’ve paired the two devices you’ll have enabled Helium backups. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. You’ll see a green check mark in the Helium window on your PC, letting you know that the connection has been made and Helium backups are now enabled.

AndroidPIT Helium installed When you see this on your computer it’s a good thing. / © ANDROIDPIT

8. You’ll see the same message on your Android. You can now disconnect your Android from your PC.

9. Note that if you turn your Android off you’ll need to reestablish the connection between Helium on your phone and on your PC.

nexus 5 helium backup de Helium can perform Titanium-like backups without needing root access. / © ANDROIDPIT

How to backup Android with Helium

1. On your Android you’ll see you have two tabs in Helium: Backup and Restore & Sync. The first tab lets you choose which apps you want to back up by placing a check mark next to them.

2. If you want to save all your apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen. You will see a summary of your backup choices as well as the option to Select All.

AndroidPIT Helium Backup app data only app backup Select all apps (right) or choose ‘app data only’ for smaller backups. / © ANDROIDPIT

3. You can choose to backup everything (apps and data) or just the data (which is faster). In the latter case, if you restore your backup at a later date you’ll simply have to manually reinstall your apps. Note that there are some apps Helium can’t back up. They are listed at the bottom.

4. The slide up window is also where you hit the Backup button. When you hit Backup you will be asked where you want to save your backup: internal or external storage or a cloud service (Pro version only).

AndroidPIT Helium Backup backup destination cloud services Backup destinations include memory, external SD cards or cloud services. / © ANDROIDPIT

5. In the Restore and Sync tab you can connect a cloud service for storing and accessing your backups. You can also access saved backups on your internal memory or connect with your other devices.

6. When you make your selection you may be prompted to ensure you have no password set for full backups, or to enter your device’s PIN or password if you are encrypted. Once you’ve done this the backup will complete.

AndroidPIT Helium Backup encrypt backup backing up You may need to input passwords or encrypt your backup too. / © ANDROIDPIT

7. When it comes time to restore your backup, simply open the Restore & Sync tab and locate your backup. You can also connect to the Helium sever for PC downloads.

AndroidPIT Helium Backup PC Download server running You can also download your backups with Helium. / © ANDROIDPIT

Manual PC backup

If all of this sounds way too complicated, simply connect your Android phone to your PC with a USB cable, open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to your phone. Here you will see a bunch of folders including photos, videos, music and documents.

AndroidPIT android vom pc steuern Connecting your phone to your computer with a USB is an easy way to back up. / © AndroidPIT

Just go into each folder and copy/paste the stuff you want to save onto your computer for safekeeping. This is a pretty handy thing to do even if you have other backup solutions at hand, because there’s no such thing as too many backups. But if you want to retrieve it at a later date then you’ll need to get back on your PC.

How to transfer Android backups

As you can see, depending on the methods and type of backup, transferring files to Android is done in different ways. In general, if you have used Titanium Backup or Helium, you should simply reinstall the application and copy the backup folder to the smartphone if it is no longer there.

Note: Always copy backups to your computer or other device outside the smartphone. That way you are sure to be able to transfer your files later, without any unpleasant surprises.

Manufacturer Solutions

Some brands offer services to transfer files in a very simple way. This is the case with Samsung, Motorola or Sony for example.

The advantage is that almost everything is automated, the disadvantage is that the transfer is only possible to a device of the brand. Check your smartphone model to see if such an application is available. 

What’s your preferred backup method, and why? Let us know in the comments!

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Visiting Motorola HQ: Back on track despite weak updates

Motorola is a pioneer of mobile communications and a manufacturer of many breakthrough products, such as the StarTAC mobile phone. In recent years, the company has not only lost a bit of its shine, but has also changed owners twice. Now, it finally wants to get back on the road to success. During a visit to Motorola’s Chicago headquarters, we were told how it plans to do so.

Loud rock music blares from loudspeakers in the large meeting room on the 19th floor of the Mart. Music is synonymous with Chicago, the city where the Mart is located. The “Mart” has a history: built in the 1920s and completed in the 1930s, it was the largest building in the world in its day. It fits in with Motorola, which is almost the same age, at 89 years old. Only the size of the company has suffered quite a bit in recent years. At its peak, the company had over 50,000 employees. Today, following the breakup of the group into Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, there are over 900 at the headquarters of the smartphone unit in Chicago.

IMG 1473 The building on the right with the yellow dome is the Mart. / © AndroidPIT

Back to success with innovation and better marketing?

Motorola, now owned by the Chinese company Lenovo, has had an eventful history. Once celebrated as a pioneer of mobile communications and a driver of innovation, the crash of the brand came along with the success of smartphones. The time-honored company missed the boat by focusing too much on past successes, and evolving without keeping customer expectations in focus.

After a few thorny years, a takeover by Lenovo, and some unwieldy attempts to give the brand a new face, Motorola’s headquarters are back on track, ready to compete and regain market share.

And indeed, the statement the brand makes now is much clearer than it was two years ago. At that time, the plan was to put the name Motorola to sleep and turn the veteran brand into the upbeat and short “moto”. Apparently this was a mistake, and today Motorola is aware of its legacy again. Everywhere in the Chicago HQ, you see the full name “Motorola” and the “Batwing” – the famous Motorola logo – proudly adorns the walls. Sometimes it’s stamped into an aluminum wall, sometimes it’s sprayed on the wall as graffiti. But it’s always feels always modern, cool and contemporary.

IMG 1432 The Batwing is on display everywhere in the Chicago HQ. / © AndroidPIT

The sales figures of Motorola rise again significantly

Generally, in terms of marketing, Motorola is going in a more contemporary direction – that means loud, cheeky colors and being different. “We need to take risks” is the credo. With the Moto Mods, it has done exactly this, and quite well at that. Moto Mods are attachable modules that let you quickly expand the capabilities of the Motorola Z series smartphones by simply clicking them on. They are quite an innovation. “We want to get out of the commodity,” says Motorola product chief Jeff Snow.

The plan seems to be working. While customers were initially quite skeptical about the Mods, today they are the number one reason for buying with a customer satisfaction of 80-95%. Customer satisfaction also seems to affect the sales success, as the sales figures have increased by 37% compared to last year.

IMG 1430 A wallpaper that shows history: Motorola has made a lot of moves in the mobile market. / © AndroidPIT

How does the update policy fit into its promise of quality?

“We want to offer very good quality at a fair price,” says Jeff Snow. But how does that fit with the update policy, I wanted to know. On this point, Motorola is scolded again and again by the community. “We’re releasing a security update every month,” is the answer. And the software chief, Dave Yen, adds that the adjustments for Android O were very time-consuming. “We will be able to bring out updates much faster with this work. However, the chipset manufacturers also need a lot of time. Updates are really a complex topic.”

Motorola is back in a time when boredom is often spreading in the smartphone market. It seems that everything has already been seen and experienced. The only record setting in the market is in terms of the prices of top phones, rather than real innovations, whether from Google, Apple or Samsung. 

Things are only looking up for this established brand make a comeback and to shake up the smartphone market status quo. For the sake of users, you have to wish Motorola luck.

What do you think? Is Motorola back on the winning track?

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OnePlus 5: leaked sketches show dual front camera and ceramic back

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OnePlus 5 instead of the OnePlus 4

Why would OnePlus want to skip the number four in naming its 2017 flagship? Well, because it’s a Chinese company and in the Chinese language, the pronunciation of the number four is very close to the word for ‘death,’ so much so that the number four is almost equated with death.

In fact, the number four in Chinese culture is like the number 13 in Western countries. Many high-rise buildings and hotels in China do not have a 4th or 14th floor, and rooms with a 4 are often also omitted.

OnePlus 5: price and release date

The release of OnePlus’ top smartphone has always been in the summer, and OnePlus has just confirmed a summer release to the Verge. We expect to see it in June. Take it with a grain of salt, but OppoMart posted a listing for the OnePlus 5 which says the device will ship from the beginning of June, and will be priced at $ 449.00. The listing also included the specs of the device, which you can get the details on below. The OnePlus 3T was $ 40 more expensive than the OnePlus 3, but this was still cheaper to comparable smartphones with similar specs, so a reasonable price seems likely for the OnePlus 5.

OnePlus confirmed the phone’s release this summer to the Verge already, but now there’s an official teaser straight from the company. Posted on its Weibo account, the image simply says “Hello 5” and the accompanying post text says “Hey Summer! Give me five!”. So, while there’s no new information here, it does confirm the 5 in the device name.

oneplus 5 weibo teaser Straight from OnePlus on Weibo: it will be 5, not 4. / © OnePlus

OnePlus 5: design

Newly leaked sketches show dual front camera and ceramic back

Some sketches just leaked on Weibo have given us some new info on the OnePlus 5. In the sketches, the dual rear camera on the back of the device is shown, surrounded by ceramic instead of glass. And, the back is curved. Plus, there’s a dual camera on the front too, if you like the idea of kicking your selfies up a notch. 

oneplus 5 sketch leak weibo Dual cameras on the front and back! / © Weibo user Reviewer_小康

Leaked render shows dual camera but no fingerprint scanner on rear

Some new leaked renders have emerged from India Today, and if real, they give us a good indication of the smartphone’s design since OnePlus won’t have time to make major changes before the launch.

oneplus 5 camera details 042517050117 No major changes to be seen apart from the dual camera and lack of fingerprint scanner. / © IndiaToday

The image shows a dual camera and no fingerprint scanner on the back, indicating that the fingerprint sensor may be on the front under the display. The back of the phone lacks the antenna lines of the OnePlus 3T, but that’s the only other notable difference.

Ceramic housing?

According to the latest rumors, the OnePlus 5 will have a ceramic or glass chassis. The ceramic option makes some sense, as OnePlus already has some experience thanks to the limited edition version of the OnePlus X. If it follows the same approach, it’s more likely that the OnePlus 5 will only have a back plate made of ceramics, as was the case with the OnePlus X.

There are also suggestions that the OnePlus 5 will take a little inspiration from Samsung’s S7 Edge design, and feature dual curved edges. 

AndroidPIT Samsung galaxy s7 edge review The OnePlus 5 might get dual curved edges like the Samsung S7 Edge’s. / © AndroidPIT

Opinion by Shu On Kwok

I like the curved edge trend

What do you think?

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A tweet from David Ruddock at AndroidPolice suggests that there could be a black version of the handset due to be announced soon, though it is possible this could also just be a black version of the existing OnePlus 3T rather than a new handset.

OnePlus’ CEO Carl Pei cheekily replied with a GIF of wolves howling at the moon, which suggests that Ruddock’s tipster could be correct.

OnePlus 5: technical specifications

OppoMart has posted a listing for the OnePlus 5, and it includes the retail price and specs of the device. The image in the listing is a previously leaked render of a black model, which you can see in the above section featuring a dual camera. The specs that given are most likely just based on rumors, but here are some of the highlights: 5.5-inch QHD display, Snapdragon 835, 6 GB RAM, 64 and 128 GB storage options with UFS 2.1 for better performance, 12 MP rear dual camera, 8 MP front camera, front fingerprint scanner, Dash Charge 2.0 and Android Nougat-based OxygenOS. There are still more rumors about the device’s specs which came before these, so keep reading to stimulate your imagination.

Regarding the inner workings of the OnePlus 5, the manufacturer will, of course, be improving on last year’s model. The OnePlus 3 was one of the first smartphones with 6 GB of RAM, so there is some speculation from Chinese website PCPop that the OnePlus 5 will have 8 GB of RAM – double that of the new Samsung Galaxy S8! An early leak suggests that the OnePlus 2017 flagship could be joining the ranks of Samsung, Sony and Xiaomi and getting itself a Snapdragon 835 processor, too.

OnePlus will certainly make the jump to WQHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) for the display in 2017, so that it does not fall behind the competing Android smartphones from Samsung, LG, and others. It’s also said to include a USB Type-C connector and large 4,000 mAh battery pack. 

Do you think that OnePlus will skip the OnePlus 4? Would you be interesting in getting a phone with a ceramic housing? Let us know in the comments below.

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GET HER BACK: A Journey to The Creature Island v1.1.15 Apk

GET HER BACK: A Journey to The Creature Island v1.1.15 Apk
Explanation: HERO and FLORA are on a romantic boat date, today Hero has decided to propose his love Flora, But the boat slowly sailed into some mysterious waters, and here they encountered “CREATUA” the KING of Creature Island. Creatua abducted Flora!

You can buy this game for a fee in the Android store. ( You can also download FULL from the link below.

Game Name: GET HER BACK: A Journey to The Creature Island
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 14.10.2017
Language: English
Size: 14.6 MB
Developer Company: D PASAHAN Game Studio
File Type: .apk
Price Status: FREE
Mod: YES

googleplay logo

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Android APK Download

First Huawei Mate 10 Pro photos showcase its glossy glass back and tall display

Huawei has a whole fleet of Mate 10 phones approaching on the horizon, but the flagship that’s commanding all the attention is certainly the upcoming Mate 10 Pro. Thanks to a picture leaked on Chinese social network Weibo, the Mate 10 Pro has finally been spotted in the wild, giving us a look at its distinctive characteristics.

Sporting a tall, near bezel-less display, the Mate 10 Pro is carrying the standard for the modern smartphone aesthetic and has placed itself as a favorite among leakers and industry insiders.

So far we’ve been able to feast our eyes on slick images from promotional images and official renders, but now we have a chance to see it in a more natural setting. Thanks to a user on Chinese social network Weibo, who uploaded a classic in-hand shot of the Mate 10 Pro, we can now admire it in a ‘real life’ context.

mate 10 leak weibo The Huawei Mate 10 Pro in the wild / © Weibo

While these pictures don’t reveal anything new about the Mate 10 Pro, it’s nice to see that it still looks good without all the corporate sheen typically added on advertising materials. The back is looking nice and glossy, indicating that it might have a back panel made of glass, just like we’ve seen previously this year on the P10.

Choose Huawei P10 or Huawei P10 Lite.

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    Huawei P10

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    Huawei P10 Lite

Display-wise, the Mate 10 Pro is said to have a Quad HD (1,440 x 2,880 pixels) display. This is opposed to the more classic 16:9 screen on the regular Mate 10, another device rumored to release alongside the Pro version. The Mate 10 Pro is packing a dual camera setup of 20 MP and 12 MP sensors on the back, most likely using Huawei’s classic color/monochrome configuration.

The Huawei Mate 10 Pro is at the forefront of smartphone trends, and not just in aesthetics. Huawei is talking up artificial intelligence in connection with their new flagship. AI tasks on the Mate 10 Pro will be handled by the NPU (Neural Processing Unit) on the Kirin 970 chipset. What exactly this means in practice for the user, it’s hard to say this point but we’ll find out quite soon.

Opinion by Nicholas Montegriffo

AI will be mandatory on smartphones to keep them relevant in the next 5 years

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The official reveal of the Mate 10 Pro (alongside several rumored sister models, including the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Lite) is scheduled for Monday, October 16th. Then we’ll get to see whether its function can measure up to its form.

What do you think? Will the Mate 10 Pro have what it takes to beat out the competition such as Google Pixel 2?

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Motorola Moto X4 review: The X factor is back

The Moto X series has been neglected at Lenovo and Motorola recently, and it’s been a long time since new models in the series have been released. Now the X-Factor is back at Motorola with the Moto X4, which is making its debut at the IFA 2017. We have already been able to try out the Moto X4 in our hands-on review.

I would definitely fit into the AndroidPIT team!

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Moto X4 release date and price

The Moto X4 is being launched on the market in silver and black, and its purchase price converts to $ 480. This price tag puts the Motorola Moto X4 in the highly competitive mid-range category, and it may encounter some tough competition there.

Moto X4 design and build quality

The Moto X4 is a truly sleek smartphone, and it’s obvious at first sight. The housing on the front and rear consists of curved glass surfaces that are held together by an aluminum bezel that feels stable. Depending on the lighting, the rear shines in assorted color shades, which we liked a lot when trying out the Moto X4 for the first time. Of course, the material is prone to fingerprints, but they can be quickly wiped off. The dual camera on the rear slightly protrudes one-and-a-half millimeters from the roughly 8-millimeter thick housing, but it’s not bothersome in practical use. The pre-production model has excellent workmanship, and we can’t find any faults with it.

AndroidPIT motorola moto x4 8137 The back of the Moto X4. / © AndroidPIT

Since the Moto X4 is not part of the Z-Series, it doesn’t work with Moto Mods either. On the one hand, it’s a shame; on the other hand, it lets Motorola build the smartphone with a relatively compact design; the Moto X4 weights 163 grams.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Motorola initially emphasized how misleading IP certifications can be and that they weren’t used, but the Moto X4 is a new model on the market with this exact same IP68 rating. But the explanation that they still cannot promise a waterproof smartphone, but rather water and dust protection that has been tested accordingly, is not very convincing. The important thing is that the Moto X4 comes off unscathed from such accidents in the review.

AndroidPIT motorola moto x4 8147 The Moto X4. / © AndroidPIT

Moto X4 display

At 5.2 inches, the Moto X4’s screen is smaller than those of Moto Z smartphones and delivers a full HD resolution with a 424-ppi pixel density. The IPS Panel is covered with Gorilla Glass, but we do not know what generation of materials Motorola uses here. The image is pleasant with powerful colors for an IPS display and good viewing angle stability; even the brightness is more than sufficient. As is common with Motorola, there is a type of always-on display that can show the time and simple notifications.

AndroidPIT motorola moto x4 8125 The Moto X4. / © AndroidPIT

Moto X4 software

The Motorola Moto X4 makes its market debut with Android 7.1 Nougat. Its interface is widely unchanged, but Motorola has definitely made some changes under the hood. These include the Moto voice assistant along with the familiar gestures for doing things like turning on the flashlight or starting the camera. Furthermore, Motorola has directly integrated the Amazon Assistant into the Moto X4 for the first time, and there is a standalone Motorola Alexa app for it. You can count on Motorola bringing the assistant to other smartphones as well.

Moto X4 performance

The Moto X4 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 and 4 GB of RAM. Depending on the model, it sports 32 or 64 GB of internal storage and can be expanded via a microSD card. During our brief review, the Moto X4 was pleasantly snappy, which is also due to its lean interface. Apps start quickly, and the Moto X4 should not have any extensive problems with more demanding games either.

Moto X4 audio

Among the Moto X4’s specialties are its wireless sound system, which is equipped with Bluetooth along with technology from the company TempoW. The TempoW Audio Profile (TAP) lets you connect multiple Bluetooth devices at once, allowing you to optionally play music on all or some of them. Your smartphone is used to control which loudspeaker or headphones should be active. Using special technology, Tempow has prevented differing latencies and ensured that the sound is precisely synchronized across all connected devices. As a result, you can set up a de-facto multi-room system with your smartphone as the main control center, and at a relatively lower price at that.

AndroidPIT motorola moto x4 8136  The Moto X4. / © AndroidPIT

Moto X4 camera

Like the Moto Z2 Force, the Moto X4 also sports a dual camera on the rear. It has a normal lens with a 12-megapixel sensor, an 8-megapixel wide-angle lens and a 120-degree camera angle. The camera app has a real-time preview mode for the Bokeh effect and, if desired, recognizes attractions, decrypts QR codes, or digitalizes business cards.

During our brief test, we noticed that the Moto X4 takes a relatively long time to take images with shallow depth of field. Triggering already takes nearly two seconds, and background processing takes quite a while afterwards. It’s possible that the pre-production software is at fault here, but Motorola needs to step up its game here, because the competition can do it better.

Video aficionados will be happy to learn that the Moto X4 supports 4K shots at 30 fps, and up to 60 frames per second is possible at full HD.

The Moto X4’s front camera has a 16-megapixel sensor that Motorola equipped with a unique feature. To capture more light in bad lighting conditions, the images’ resolution can be reduced to 4 megapixels. Afterwards, the information from several pictures is added up to create a better image overall.

AndroidPIT motorola moto x4 8130 The Moto X4. / © AndroidPIT

Moto X4 battery

On paper, the Moto X4’s 3,000 mAh battery is sufficient to get the smartphone throughout the day without charging. Once its juice runs out, you can quickly replenish it using the Turbo Charge charger. As is custom in 2017, the Moto X4 has a USB-C port, although the new Motorola smartphone does not feature wireless charging.

Early Verdict

The complete Moto X4 package gave a good impression in our initial review. Motorola’s new X smartphone is comfortable to hold in your hand, runs fast and smooth and has a display that is pretty to look at. Although the dual camera may still be lacking when it comes to the Bokeh effect, the combination of a normal and wide-angle lens has already proven successful with other manufacturers and is fun in day-to-day use. Furthermore, the wireless sound system gives Motorola an ace up its sleeve for music fans. Now the Moto X4 needs to prove it can live up to its expectations in the detailed review

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