Poll Results: Your favorite dating app

In an increasingly digital word, many areas of our lives are now manageable using our smartphone including dating. People are using dating apps as a way to meet people more easily, and to help you navigate your way through the online dating world, here are our poll results for the best dating app. 

In 1st place: Tinder

It seems that despite its bad rep, Tinder is the favorite among our readers. Available for free, it’s used by millions of Americans and is certainly the most talked about app right now. Some of you suggested that these apps cannot replace connections in real-life, and that we should be careful of using digital ways to meet people, but it’s undeniable that for many people, apps like Tinder are making their lives easier, and even in some cases leading to great relationships. 

What’s your opinion? Do you think we should ditch the dating apps and meet people the traditional way?

datingapp poll Tinder was the clear winner / © AndroidPIT

Technology is very much involved in our lovelives 

So whether we like it or not, technology is present in the dating world in a number of ways. In an article we wrote recently, we saw how smartphone etiquette during a date can be critical to success, and how certain phones could even turn a date off. As well as this, it might be worthwhile to get yourself a smart home speaker as well as a dating app, as a significant number of Americans stated that this was an attractive asset!

Do you have any stories about online dating you want to share? What do you think of the results?

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Alexa’s hot, phones are not: American singles on dating and tech

Dating site Match recently released its eighth annual Singles in America Study, in which over 5, 000 US singles spilled the beans on their sex and dating lives. Naturally, given the significant presence of technology in our modern, always-connected lives, there were some interesting revelations about how the way you use your device could affect your lovelife.

Want a good first date? Leave your phone at home

For many of us, our smartphone is our life companion. We tell it all our secrets (intentionally or not), share our precious memories with it, and anxiously watch the battery life, a lump catching in our throat when it looks like it might die. And there are plenty of good reasons to bring it with you on a date, such as quickly finding a good restaurant or summoning a ride. Maybe you even used a dating app to get someone’s attention in the first place.

But it seems that even in our high tech culture, having your phone around a date can be a huge risk. Especially if you’re into women, as a solid 90% of them chose ‘checking their phone’ as a serious no-no on a first date.

A full three quarters of singles said they would be turned off if their date answered the phone without any explanation, while 66% would find it distasteful if their partner texted during the date. These are generally the worst offenders when it comes to smartphone etiquette on a date—understandable, since no one likes to feel that they’re not worth your attention.

Androidpit on the smartphone anna 6816 There are other uses for a phone before a date. / © AndroidPIT

Talking or texting on the phone in front of your date might be bad, but going off outside or to the bathroom with your phone isn’t seen much better. 41% of singles agree that it’s rude, possibly because they could think you’ll be gossiping to your friends about how the date is going, or being distracted by another prospective suitor. If you really have to duck out and answer your phone, better have a good explanation.

Even just having the phone around could be dangerous. 58% said that they didn’t want their date to place the phone on the table face up, and let’s face it, only a really hardcore tech geek is going to be romantically impressed by your Always-on display or custom launcher. It’s more likely to look like you can’t wait to be contacted by someone else.

If you absolutely must pull it out on the first date, better make sure it’s in good condition. Women were 92% more likely to judge their date for having an older model of phone, and 14% of all singles disapproved of a cracked screen. 14% are also irritated by hearing audible clicks while their date types.

According to the survey, the worst behavior award goes to the men of Austin, TX, who are 347% more likely to check their phone on a date. So much for old-school Southern manners.

If by some herculean feat of restraint you don’t screw up your first date by keeping one eye on your notifications all the time, then it might be time to bring it home. Some of you might have a secret seduction assistant waiting in the wings. If you’ve got Alexa or Google Home, make sure to let your date know it by setting some mood lighting or music.

61% of singles are turned on by smart assistants

Specifically, these tech-savvy singles say they are turned on if their date has Alexa or Google Home at their place. So while the presence of a handset is usually a turn-off, smart home tech often proves to be quite the opposite. All the more reason to invest in an assistant, then — the wingman/woman of the future.

AndroidPIT google home 7005 Why hello there, Google Home. / © AndroidPIT

If you don’t have a smart assistant at home (and according to the survey, over 90% of singles still don’t, despite their rising popularity), then you should also take care about what your home tech setup says about you.

Women in particular seem to be picky when it comes to tech at home. 86% don’t look kindly on a date that happens to be stealing someone else’s internet. But woe betide the suitor who has no internet at all. 79% of women would ‘raise an eyebrow’ if their date had no internet, and 73% would do the same if they had no computer.

There you go. The modern Casanova should be online, but come by his internet honestly.

Android vs iOS: could opposites attract?

The more dedicated long time AndroidPIT readers might well know that sinking feeling in our hearts that comes about when the object of our affections—beautiful, smart, funny, the works—pulls out a white slab with that Apple logo on the back. How could something that felt so right turn out so wrong?

Don’t feel bad. They probably judged you even harder,

People with an Android phone were 15 times more likely to judge someone negatively for having an iPhone, but Apple users were even snootier, being 21 times more likely to look down on Android users. Both groups would probably run a mile away from the Windows Phone users.

It seems that negative stereotypes about your choice of phone and associated lifestyle are more significant than one might think.

But if you ever find yourself closing to copulation with a Cupertino company cultist, don’t be too quick to avoid sleeping with the enemy. After all, Romeo and Juliet could make it work (for a while). And our own resident Google fanboy found himself falling in love with the iPhone X.

Although, it is always a blessing when you find that your hookup has the right charger for your phone in their house, right?

Yes, sex with robots is a thing now

At least, a thing that today’s singles are giving some serious thought to. 1 in 4 singles say that they would have sex with a robot, with men (31%) being more eager to try this out than women (15%).

lgrobots Yeah, I’m not seeing Chad anymore. Turns out he cheated with the maid. / © LG

More philosophical though, is the question of whether ‘sex’ with a robot counts as cheating. Around half of all singles say that it is, if their partner keeps it secret from them. That’s a roughly 50-50 split on people who put sex with a machine on par with sleeping with a real human, and those who presumably think it’s just fun with a very expensive toy.

All in all, the survey of singles paints a picture of interesting perspectives on the role of tech in our lovelives evolving along with our social and professional lives. The smartphone is generally a liability in love, but smart assistants are an asset and robots are being eyed up as potential competition in the dating market. What a time to be alive.

How do you use technology in your dating life? Ever impressed a date with Alexa, or argued over the ethics of sexbots? Let us know in the comments!

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Get ready for Valentine’s Day with the best dating apps for Android

Best for ice-breaking: Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel’s name is as unique as its concept. It finds just one match per day to end the constant stream of profile sorting that happens in a lot of dating apps. The idea is since you only get one profile per day, you will take the time to read their details closely.

Your daily match includes a picture, age, location and a few other details. The match is called a ‘bagel’ and after liking this bagel you can ‘woo’ him/her with coffee (which are digital gifts). You only get a limited amount when you create the account, which you must then earn or buy when you run out.

After you like a profile, you are given a series of ice-breaker questions to get things started on an eventual conversation. If you both like each other then your names will be shown, otherwise they will remain hidden so you get an extra layer of privacy. Coffee Meets Bagel shows you just one match a day so you can take your time. 

CMB Free Dating App Install on Google Play

Best for personality matching: Parship

Parship has one of the most exhaustive personality matching apps available on Android. It’s focused around personality compatibility and not quick picture sorting. This increases the chances that you find someone with whom you are comfortable at the first meeting. 

The Parship app takes you through a series of questions when you create your profile. The whole test takes about 20 minutes and the questions are aimed at finding personality compatibility between you and potential matches. When you complete this test, the app tells you what kind of partner you are compatible with and why. It also tells you what potential conflicts you could have with them.

The majority of the services are available on the app but some are only available on PC. For instance, you can fill out your entire profile on the app but you must sign up on the PC version. Parship is currently only available in Europe.

AndroidPIT parship Parship uses a unique matching system with a personality test. / © AndroidPIT Parship – partner search Install on Google Play

Best for casual encounters: Badoo

Badoo is a massive app with tens of millions of active profiles, and it’s growing quickly. That gives you a selection that is almost unmatched on Android (apart from Tinder). So the chances you could meet someone soon are pretty high. 

Badoo’s concept is to connect people who are near each other. It is much easier to meet when you’re already in the same restaurant, cafe or store than it is to arrange a meeting, and therefore people who use Badoo meet more frequently and under more casual conditions, which really takes the pressure off too. 

The low-pressure connections is probably what keeps the number of users on the app and lessens the burnout rate. This is different from some of the more exhaustive apps that put more pressure on meetings. 

AndroidPIT best dating apps 4a Badoo lets you meet up with people nearby for casual encounters. / © AndroidPIT

You can download the Badoo app here from Google Play. 

Best for quick matches: OkCupid

For really fast matches, OkCupid is your best bet. After you create a semi-detailed profile, you are able to quickly peruse profiles that match yours. The app bases the match calculation on your answers to a few questions and you are able to see how well you match up with people. 

Once you go through the large local database and like some of the suggested matches, you can see which people have matched with you. Their mutual match method is OkCupid’s greatest strength and has earned it strong ratings and a constant stream of new users.

Sending and receiving messages is completely free. You can send as many as you want without having to pay and this gives newcomers an incentive. Paying will enable you to see non-mutual likes as well as boost your profile.

AndroidPIT best dating apps 2a OkCupid uses a mutual-like method. / © AndroidPIT OkCupid Dating Install on Google Play

You can download OkCupid here from Google Play. 

Best for match filtering: Jaumo

Jaumo is free, and has a simple an interface that makes searching through potential dates very easy. You get loads of local results to choose from and interacting with them is simple. You just choose who you like from the list of pictures and send them a message. 

Filtering who can contact you on Jaumo reduces the volume of messages you receive. Its filtering system is simple and effective and can be based on gender, age, location and whether the person’s profile has a picture. If you get bored with always seeing the same people online, you can limit your search results to those currently online. 

Managing your profile is effortless, making it easy to maximize your chances of finding someone who is interested. You can quickly see who has viewed your profile and who liked you, and use these results to sort through your matches. 

AndroidPIT best dating apps 6a Jaumo’s interface makes sorting profiles fast and easy. / © AndroidPIT

You can download Jaumo here from Google Play. 

Best for profile accuracy: Tinder

Tinder is another massive app with tons of potential matches available. It’s claimed that 26 million matches happen through Tinder every day. 

Tinder uses Facebook authentication to try and keep its potential matches honest. It’s not a flawless system, as it is possible to get a fake Facebook account but it’s more difficult than getting a random email address. 

Tinder is mostly free but if you want to get some premium features you will need to pay. These include ‘rewind’ (see a profile you just swiped away) and ‘passport’ (look at profiles outside of your local area), but it is entirely possible to use Tinder without these and thus avoid paying. 

AndroidPIT best dating apps 8a Tinder shows you local singles using a large database. / © AndroidPIT Tinder Install on Google Play

Best for women in charge: Bumble

Bumble offers an intriguing twist on the typical dating app format. You swipe through matches in a similar way to Tinder, but men aren’t allowed to message. With Bumble, women have make the first move.

For women who get frustrated with a bombardment of messages from men who have barely read their profiles, or men who get anxious trying to come up with that killer opening line, this can be a great way to make dating less stressful (of course, for women seeking women, it’s basically business as usual, and men seeking men are still best served with Grindr).

smallerbumble2 Bumble also has additional modes for networking and friendships. / © AndroidPIT

Another factor is that matches on Bumble disppear after 24 hours if no further contact happens, so you won’t spend days wondering whether it’s too soon to send a message, or whether you’re going to receive one. You either hit it off soon, or the app encourages you to move on.

Bumble — Date. Meet Friends. Network. Install on Google Play

Best for gay or bisexual men: Grindr

If you are not necessarily looking for a serious relationship, but rather to have a good time, you might as well go to apps dedicated to this, where, at least, everybody agrees! Grindr is a site designed for gay and bisexual men to meet. The application shows you profiles nearby, and you can start chatting with them.

grindr2 Grindr works with the localisation system. © AndroidPIT

Small tip: to make your profile go up in the lists, and thereby having more chances of making contact with someone, connect regularly, even if just for a few seconds.

And for the ladies? An identical version also exists for women: Blendr. However, it does not have the same success and is still somewhat of a draft…

Get Grindr on the Play Store

Best for proximity search: LOVOO Chat, Flirt, Dating

Lovoo is a popular dating app very similar to Tinder in the sense that it promotes quick encounters with people who are in close proximity to each other. It allows you to like or not like the profile of other users. After there is a positive match, you can then chat, exchange photos or arrange meetings. The concept is based on the ease of exchanges and meetings. My advice: take good pictures.

It is also possible to post photos of anything you like. Another positive point is that you carry on a conversation with anyone as often and much as you like.

lovoo radar grid de With the Lovoo radar, you can find people near you. / © AndroidPIT

Lovoo puts to use a radar when you want to meet people. This feature is quite playful; it allows you to see the photos of Lovoo user profiles directly based on location. A little like a Wi-Fi radar, to be honest…

To connect to Lovoo, you have to sign in with your Facebook or Google account, but the application does not share your information on any of these networks.

Get it on the Play Store.

Best for impromptu meetups: happn

In line with what Tinder offers, happn uses your real daily life to make you meet your soul-mate based on your location. The app therefore allows you to find the people you meet on the street, in the subway, in the supermarket… but that you don’t dare approach.

Obviously, the person that you meet must have downloaded the application and must be connected to Happn to find them on your homepage. You can also find people passing by the place where you are.

Get it from the Play Store.

Best paid app: eHarmony

The eHarmony site and its app are quite like Parship but comes at a price: there are many fake profiles on this dating network. It is all about knowing how to sort out these dating crooks to find the right person…

eHarmony is more like an app for people looking for a serious relationship.

My advice: fill in your profile completely and select only those who have done likewise. Those looking for a real encounter would have taken the time out to be honest, but you have got to be patient anyhow. Subscription is (almost)-compulsory, $ 9.99/month.3

Get it on the Play Store.

What do you think of these dating apps? Do you have any better ones?

BONUS: our guide to optimizing your profile

You want to increase your chances of getting the matches you are interested in. So having a profile that stands out is important. You’re presenting yourself to the world and you need to look and sound your best. So here are some ways to make your dating app profile better. 

Get a good profile picture

Having a dim, poor quality profile picture decreases your chances of getting matches on most dating apps. A good profile picture maximizes the amount of potential matches you’ll have available. Luckily there are some free apps to make your picture better. 

Professional photographers edit photos. That’s part of the reason why they look so great. You could go and pay for one or you could get a couple of photo editing apps for free. You shouldn’t distort the image so much that you don’t look like yourself but you should look like you do on your best day. You can get AirBrush to clean up your blemishes and remove any temporary imperfections in your profile picture. 

AirBrush: Easy Photo Editor Install on Google Play

If your profile picture makes you look a little distorted you can get the GoSexy app to make your body look slimmer.

GoSexy Lite – 👩 Body editor Install on Google Play

Know yourself

Knowing your wants and needs are important to making a profile that suits what you’re looking for. You need to be honest with yourself and think about what type of relationship you’re looking for. Maybe you just want to date casually, perhaps you’re looking for a long-term relationship or maybe you’re open to the possibility of meeting a new friend. 

You should also really think about who you are and not who the ideal you is. If you like watching movies and TV shows but always say you should read more you should not put in your profile that you enjoy reading. This is the ideal you and not the real you. Some of the dating apps above use sophisticated methods of making sure you’re honest with your personality. 

Write a quality profile

You need to craft a profile that uses the sophisticated matching methods of the dating app. That means being thorough in your answers and answering every question no matter how odd it sounds. Your potential matches are looking at how well you answered and they want to see if you’re a match before messaging you. Be sure to invest some time in your profile after download the app. It will pay off in the end. 

Be sure to show what you are and not just say who you are. If you’re someone who is brutally honest, just say something brutally honest about yourself. If you think you’re funny put in a few funny quips. Your matches will see this and conclude that you’re funny and honest. 

Be sure to include everything you are interested in. Really think about this. Your matches will be looking for shared interests and the more you share with others the higher the chances that you will be matched.

How have dating apps worked for you? Any Android love connections out there? Let us know in the comments below.

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Poll: Which are the best dating apps?

Dating isn’t easy, and now that we are connected more than ever with our smartphones, there is no reason to need to log onto your computer every time you would like to use online dating services. You can now find and meet up with your matches wherever you go thanks to a number of apps.

It may be difficult to avoid this trend, as so many people are using these apps to boost their chances of meeting someone, and it could be confusing to navigate your way through many options of dating apps available to you. Depending on your interests, if you want to find a long term relationship or a hook-up, it’s guaranteed that you’ll find an app suited to you. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the online dating world, here is a little introduction. Tinder, probably the most famous app out there right now, has gained a bit of a bad reputation for turning dating into some kind of hooking-up game. Just ask anyone who has used it before and they will agree.

As valentines day is around the corner, we thought we’d ask you those of you who are into online dating apps which you think are the best. And as always, we welcome your thoughts and opinions in the comments. 

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