Into Space Race v1.0.0 Mod Apk Hack Download

Into Space Race v1.0.0 Mod (Money) Apk Hack Download
Explanation: Start your own race into space for free! Fly through the outer space using eight different rockets and examine extraterrestrial worlds. Collect coins and diamonds to upgrade your rockets and push them to the limit.

If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.

Game Name: Into Space Race
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 14.10.2017
Language: English
Size: 49.5 MB
Developer Company: Gebware
File Type: .apk
Price Status: FREE
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Windows Mixed Reality: Microsoft breathes new life into VR

Though the VR hype has subsided a bit, Microsoft is striving to breathe new life into the technology with mixed reality. We took a closer look at the system and the five headsets at IFA, although they are actually virtual reality headsets. This is the first of a two-part article series starting with an introduction to the platform.

What exactly is Mixed Reality?

Most people are probably familiar with virtual and augmented reality – if that’s not the case for you, we have listed the basic differences in a separate article.

So what exactly is mixed reality (MR)? According to Microsoft, it is essentially a mix of both. To some extent, mixed reality is more powerful than augmented reality, because the mix of both worlds provides greater application scenarios. The HoloLens is a perfect example.

AndroidPIT Microsoft Hololens 0482 HoloLens is paving the way for Mixed Reality. / © AndroidPIT

Five manufacturers are now rolling out mixed reality headsets with the Microsoft technology. But: They are in fact virtual reality headsets. Its foundation lies in the name of the Windows Mixed Reality content platform and its technology. At the IFA keynote, Microsoft spoke very candidly about having developed VR headsets with its partners. Mixed reality is actually not possible with these mixed reality headsets, although the tracking technology is derived from HoloLens.

In any case, Microsoft’s VR platform is based on the previous work that we are already familiar with from HoloLens. To summarize: HoloLens and the new VR headsets are two manifestations of a platform that Microsoft calls mixed reality. From here on, we will also call the headsets mixed reality headsets because they were developed for this platform.

AndroidPIT ASUS Windows Mixed Reality Headset 8061 Luis tries out Asus’s mixed reality headset. / © AndroidPIT

Mixed Reality: How the system is designed

Microsoft designed the mixed reality platform to work even with low system requirements – the integrated graphics cards of some processors should be enough. As some manufacturers have confirmed to us at IFA, performance is also based on the purpose of the content. SteamVR games should also work as of the beginning of mid-October – you’ll need to meet the normal system requirements for PC-based VR to do so though.

mixed reality inside 1 Look inside a real model of Microsoft’s mixed reality home. / © AndroidPIT

The mixed reality platform is mainly intended for educational, entertainment and productivity applications, which in turn are not so hardware-intensive as VR games. In many respects, Vive and Oculus do not have new competition, and they mainly remain unbeaten in tracking.

Microsoft’s mixed reality: First moments

When you step into mixed reality, you will first find yourself inside a house that you can roam through. Each room represents different activities – you can play videos in the living room, and play vacation films on the terrace (with a view of the ocean). An internet browser is hanging on the wall in the home office, and there are also games.

mixed reality inside 3 A similar view inside Microsoft’s mixed reality. / © AndroidPIT

Browsing the web in VR? Yes, you can. And after trying it out, its navigation makes it easy do so. Of course, the font display is not as clear as on a classic desktop browser, but the sheer size of the window is definitely a boon for image and video-heavy websites. Accurately clicking on links worked using the motion controllers, and we used Microsoft’s Edge browser, whose VR counterpart shares settings like bookmarks with the desktop version.

mixed reality inside 2 Windows mixed reality: A VR platform with a bright future. / © AndroidPIT

Moving through the virtual house is done in two ways: One way is via teleport. This movement is probably the most pleasant and mainly suited for VR beginners: If you press the analog stick on one controller, an arrow appears that can be positioned in the VR world by looking and using the small stick. When you release the stick, you teleport to the desired area – you only need to do it twice to master it. Alternatively, there is also the option of triggering direct movement steps with the stick. It is significantly more taxing and can induce some nausea.

All in all, the mixed reality platform’s house metaphor looks very intuitive. It remains to be seen whether users will find such a polished environment useful and it’s unclear how flexibly the system is designed. It would be great if users could adapt the house to their own needs.

Do you think there is anything exciting in mixed reality technology as opposed to full VR? Can you think of any applications for this technology in your everyday life? 

In part two of this story, you’ll read our impressions of several headsets. These articles are a collaboration between Luis, Benoit and Hans-Georg.

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Into the Dead 2 v0.8.1 Mod Apk Hack Download

Into the Dead 2 v0.8.1 Mod (Money / Energy) Apk Hack Download
Hi guys. Into the Dead 2: This is Action game. In this game. You run away from zombies in forests or in open water. This is a very difficult game. While running away you find things like weapons and knives on the ground, you can destroy the zombies. So it’s easier to finish the episode.

If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.

Game Name: Into the Dead 2
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 31.08.2017
Language: English
Size: 337 MB
Developer Company: PIKPOK
File Type: .apk+obb
Price Status: FREE
Mod: YES

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2. “” folder “android / OBB” into the copy.
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Smart home are addictive: how Alexa and friends found their way into my home

I’ve always said that smart homes are not for me. I mean, what are light switches for? I don’t need an app to turn my lights on! And controlling things with voice commands and talking to a loudspeaker that is listening around the clock is truly weird and creepy. Or so I thought, until a few weeks ago.

I would definitely fit into the AndroidPIT team!

What do you think?

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The house in which I live has some 120 years under its belt and has experienced more history than my family and I combined. It’s somewhat aged and long in the tooth. But to date, the house and our home never stood out as particularly smart, until now.

It all began with an offer on Amazon Prime Day 2017. I actually had no intention of buying anything, just browsing a little. But the little Amazon imp didn’t want to cooperate and made a bold price reduction on the Philips Hue starter kit with three bulbs and a bridge. I gave it some thought and added it to my shopping cart… just to have a look; I mean, you can always return it. Then I added two dimmers, which you would need in an emergency anyhow, and, look! The Amazon Echo Dot is also pretty cheap! It’s an excellent fit, and I’ve always found it exciting. I’ll just take a look, briefly try it out, then send it back – that was the plan.

AndroidPIT philips hue 9206 Philips Hue light bulbs are so convenient. / © AndroidPIT

Setup is as easy as pie

Two days later, the delivery company was at my door and brought the packages. I excitedly unpacked them, took a quick look and checked it out to see how it all interacted with each other. I expected to do a lot of tinkering, which I could pull off – I am a professional, after all – but it would have also killed the fun from the onset. What can I say – I was wrong. The Hue bulbs and the bridge can be connected, linked and configured so quickly and easily that it makes you wish all technical devices were designed that way.

I admit that, to date, I have only dabbled slightly in lighting themes, moods and these kinds of things. But if you are a first-time owner of these nifty bulbs that can cover the entire color spectrum, you’ll inevitably start to play around with the colors. You can do it quite easily via the Hue app, and even the so-called scenes are a pleasant change from “light on – light off”. I definitely like our living room better than how it was before.

Shortly afterwards, I actually ended up with more just than the three bulbs in the starter kit. I needed a new ceiling bulb for the living room anyway, which is also awfully sleek and is made by Philips. And these portable Hue Go lamps are truly practical and I now use them all the time. Out of all the things I ordered, I have not returned a single item.

ANDROIDPIT amazon echo echo dot 4 Alexa also lives in my living room now. / © ANDROIDPIT

Voice control quickly becomes second nature

Next came the Echo Dot. The power outlets near the router and TV were slowly filling up, so I have to connect a third power strip. While setup did take a bit longer with the Echo Dot than the Philips bulbs, I also managed to do it pretty quickly thanks to the excellent instructions. I connected the Hue bulbs via the appropriate skill in a mater of seconds.

I was a bit skeptical as to what the rest of the family would think about this voice control. My wife wasn’t too keen on the idea of having an always-on microphone in the living room, but just two days after Alexa moved in, the assistant was asked to play music in passing – something you can quickly do once you’re used to it! Even the three-year-old in the household now says “Alexa, off!” whenever the music is too loud. Well, Alexa still has problems understanding him, but it’ll get the hang of it. I am truly surprised at how quickly voice operation becomes second nature. As a linguist, I furthermore continue to be astonished at how well communication works with such a digital system – even if Alexa isn’t entirely perfect, it’s quite amazing.

Opinion by Steffen Herget

A smart home is worth investing in

What do you think?

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The story isn’t over

I am completely satisfied with the Hue bulbs and the Echo Dot; both have integrated themselves into my day-to-day life unbelievably quickly. So, everything is hunky dory, right? Actually no. I believe that I will take this smart home thing a bit further – at my wallet’s expense. I’ve been wanting to put up a couple of smoke detectors for some time now, and you could also use something that is networked… and aren’t there starter kits that include sensors for doors and windows? …and a camera for the garden, maybe another for my front door… I mean, why not?

What do you think? Have you converted your house into a smart home yet? What were your favorite things? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Into the Badlands Blade Battle MOD APK

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How to convert videos into GIFs on WhatsApp

One of WhatsApp’s fun new features allows you to make a GIF out of any video you’ve taken with your phone. The clips can be up to six seconds long, taken from any length video, and then converted within the app. Learn how to do it so you can share fun custom GIFs with your friends today!

In addition to the ability to search and send GIFs from Giphy or Tenor, you can now make your own GIFs in WhatsApp by converting them from video. Here’s how to do it from start to finish.

WhatsApp Messenger Install on Google Play

How to convert video to GIF and send with WhatsApp:

  • Shoot a video that you would like to make into a GIF.
  • Open a conversation in WhatsApp.
  • Tap the attachment icon (the paperclip) on the top right.
  • Select Gallery.
  • Select the video that you want to convert into a GIF.

AndroidPIT whatsapp video gif feature tips tricks Open a conversation, and choose your video to convert. / © ANDROIDPIT

  • In the video editor that appears, tap the camcorder icon on the top right once. You should see GIF appear in its place.
  • Edit the video as you wish, but it must be under six seconds long to be converted.
  • When you are done trimming the video and adding the optional message, just tap the green arrow icon to send.

AndroidPIT whatsapp video gif feature tips tricks 2 Tap the camcorder, trim the video, convert to GIF and send. / © ANDROIDPIT

And now you’ve converted your video into a GIF. Congratulations! Enjoy sending all kinds of fun GIFs to your friends and family.

Opinion by Brittany McGhee

WhatsApp’s new features make it more fun to use than Facebook Messenger

What do you think?

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Are there any other tips and tricks you would like to see us cover? What kind of GIFs will you be sending? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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