Honor View 10: Tips and tricks you need to know about

Those of you who are already familiar with Huawei know that it offers many customization options. You can activate gestures, change the background, enable the app drawer, customize navigation links, the font size, the display color, and so on and so forth.

If you’re looking for these kinds of ‘basic’ tricks, I’ll refer you to the article on the Huawei P10 tricks because most of them are also applicable to the View 10. And below I’ll go through some tips not included in the previous article that will you allow you to optimize your device.

Face recognition for notifications and unlocking the device

Honor already released a software update to make this feature more complete and to allow users to unlock the device through face recognition. Whether you’ve received the update or not, I recommend that you activate it, at least to have access to the contents of the notifications from the lock screen.

Go to Settings > Safety and Privacy > Face Recognition.

AndroidPIT honor view 10 9985 The software update completes the face recognition feature. / © AndroidPIT

Histen Audio Effects for the most demanding ears

Just like in the Honor 9, you can experience 3D sound on the View 10. To do this, however, you’ll have to connect wired earphones to your device, since it doesn’t support the use of Bluetooth headphones. The Histen Huawei Audio Effects can’t be accessed under Settings > Audio until you plug in headphones.

Private space: Since everyone has something to hide

With this feature you can create a kind of private island, which is only accessible with a password and a different fingerprint from the one normally used. This is a useful feature for those of us who often share smartphones with friends or colleagues and for people who generally want to make sure that data, photos and apps stay away from prying eyes.

You can learn how it work in this article and activate it by accessing Settings > Security and Privacy > Private Space.

AndroidPIT Private space 8627 It’s like having two different smartphones. / © AndroidPIT

Lock a few apps

If Private Space is too drastic of a solution for you, you can rely on App Lock in Settings > Security and Privacy. You can set a password or fingerprint to open some applications on your Honor View 10. You’ll find a list of apps that allow you to manually lock them by moving the cursor to the right.

Scroll through your photos while charging

Here’s a gem that you may not know about. It’s called Screensaver, and when it’s enabled, the device will automatically scroll through your photos while your smartphone is charging. You just have to allow access to photos and multimedia content and select the source folder as well as the duration of your slideshow. Here’s one small extra tip: place your View 10 on a stand to better enjoy your photos.  

AndroidPIT honor view 10 0006 While your smartphone is charging, it may be a useful time to look at the pictures from your last trip. / © AndroidPIT

Avoid distractions in the Game Suite

Those gamers out there will appreciate this feature allowing you to focus on the game in front of you, as well as saving battery power. Simply open the pre-installed app on your Honor View 10 and then decide how to customize your gaming experience to your liking. You can:

  • Lock navigation keys
  • Choose between Game Mode (optimized performance at the expense of power consumption), Smart Mode (balance of performance and battery consumption) or Power Saving Mode (reduces power consumption as well as gaming performance).
  • Activate uninterrupted games to hide notifications on the screen, except for those related to alarms, calls and low battery alerts.

Turn the View 10 into a remote control

The View 10 integrates an infrared sensor, which when using the pre-installed app on your device will allow you to use your smartphone as if it were a remote control. Look for the app called Remote Control, click on Add Remote Control, select the device you want to connect to and follow the instructions below to pair the devices. There is also a menu with a few customization options.

AndroidPIT honor view 10 0025 The infrared sensor transforms the View 10 into a remote control. / © AndroidPIT

Use your voice to call, find the device and more

Activating voice commands can be useful for all situations where your hands are busy. Go to Settings > Intelligent Support > Voice Command and select your preferred option. To be able to make calls from the unlock screen or search for your device, you will first need to click on Voice Reactivation and say ‘Dear Honor’ three times in a quiet setting. The process is the same as required by Google Assistant, only the magic words have changed and you can decide to customize them.

I personally find this feature useful to make a quick call. Just hold down the lower volume button for a few seconds from the lock screen and say the name of your contact after the beep to start your call. Try to get as close as possible to the microphone or the voice recognition may not work properly.

And more interestingly, you can also search for your device just by saying ‘Dear Honor, where are you?’.

Full screen display for apps and games

The View 10 uses a 18:9 screen, but not all applications use it by default. You can change this setting to utilize the full screen display by doing the following:

  • Launch an app, click on Full Screen Display at the bottom of the screen and then click OK to confirm.
  • Go to Settings > Display > Full screen display and then manually select the applications where you want to activate this feature. Please note, however, that if you do not optimize for this type of display, black borders will appear around the frame of the app.

AndroidPIT honor view 10 9974 You can use the full screen display for all apps. / © AndroidPIT

Cancel a sent SMS (in case you need to reconsider)

For those of you who still prefer sending a text message instead of using WhatsApp or Telegram, it may be useful to activate the Cancel Send function in the Messaging settings. Once activated, you are able to cancel sending a message by clicking on the message within six seconds of sending it.

AndroidPIT honor view 10 9979 Useful for second thoughts… / © AndroidPIT

The Honor View 10 can be customized in many ways. This article will be followed up with an article especially for the camera, so you’ll know how to tweak the double camera integrated in your smartphone. What other tricks and features are you interested in learning more about? Let us know in the comments!

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Seven Google apps you probably don't know

However, some of the apps that have been launched don’t follow the marketing of a Duo or Allo, and are hidden in the Play Store. I took a look at seven of them that are sensational, although the public knows little about them.


Each and every single one of your photos is important, and Google knows that. PhotoScan is cool because it’s one of the best options to easily scan your old photos. The app is simple, and you can simply position the photo in the frame and capture it through points that are shown on the screen.

app google photos Scan your photos with PhotoScan. / © AndrdoidPIT

PhotoScan takes care of tilting the picture without causing a glare, creating a clear and already framed image in the correct perspective. It does not look amazing, but if you can’t afford a restoration or buying a scanner, it’s the next best thing. It still automatically uploads everything to Google Photos.

PhotoScan by Google Photos Install on Google Play

Google Trips

This app is kind of scary, since once you install it your past and planned travels already appear in the app. It recognizes your travel and reservation emails in Gmail and then puts everything together for you in folders.

And on every trip you can check out places to eat, hotels, flights and even tourist attractions, either separated or placed together in suggestions on a roadmap within a predefined time period. It also provides information about hospitals and local currencies. You can even download everything so you can consult it without being online.

Google Trips – Travel Planner Install on Google Play

Trusted Contacts

This app is great for family use. Your son leaves the house and you want to know where he is and if he is well, but who knows if he will see your WhatsApp messages or answer your calls. To keep you with a level head, this app can pick up the person’s smartphone location whenever you need it.

You select your contacts who will receive a notification that they can see your location. You can choose to always share your location or to only respond to requests for your location. It is possible to keep people informed of your location up to 24 consecutive times, and you can cancel the service before that as well. And if you need it, the app is available for iOS as well.

Trusted Contacts Install on Google Play

Science Journal

For those who are especially curious, this is the app for recording your observations and experiments around the world. It’s good for kids and students, but can be used by anyone. In your journal you can open a new experiment and start recording observations.

In addition to providing access to the camera for photos and videos and to the gallery for access to other files, there is a toolbar for science experiments, which includes ambient light and a sound sensor, an accelerometer, a compass and a magnetometer. You can even set alerts for when the sensor picks up something.

Science Journal Install on Google Play

Accessibility Scanner

This app may seem useless to you, but accessibility is a serious matter, since there are numerous people who have vision problems and need to be able to use a smartphone. Blind people, colorblind people and people with very limited vision need specific conditions to get good use out of their apps.

With a scan button superimposed on the screen, you can enter the apps and request an evaluation of each of them with suggestions for improvement. Developers can use this to see what they need to do and others can send evaluations so that companies improve their apps for those who require improvements.

Accessibility Scanner Install on Google Play

Arts & Culture

Many people don’t have the opportunity to travel around the world and see museums, but they don’t have to miss out on art and the other great wonders of the world. Many already know about Google’s plans to make museums available for everyone, but this app brings them all together in one place.

app google arts and culture Get to know the world’s wonders, without leaving where you are. / © AndrdoidPIT

In addition to country history, this app features videos with historians and experts as well as provides access to paintings, sculptures and more. Panoramic photos of cities and art can be viewed with the naked eye or through the use of VR equipment, even if it’s just very cheap cardboard. There is a version of the app for Daydream.

Google Arts & Culture VR Install on Google Play Google Arts & Culture Install on Google Play

Toontastic 3D

The most fun app is also the last one. With Toontastic 3D you can create animated stories using varied scenarios and different customizable characters and also receive support to develop scenes and stories. The app is complete and very well developed with high quality.

app google toontastic 3d Create the next Oscar nominee with Toontastic. / © AndrdoidPIT

While recording the scene, you can move the characters and record your voice. It also defines the emotion of the scene so that the soundtrack is applied accordingly. In the end, you can export your video, which will be complete with opening and closing credits.

Toontastic 3D Install on Google Play

I bet you didn’t know many of these apps and that you were also impressed by the quality of some of them. I particularly enjoyed Toontastic and the Science Journal, which provide fun and useful knowledge. There are many other Google apps, but we hope you’ve found something for you in our special selection.

What did you think of the apps? Which of them were you not aware of?

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We know which 2018 devices will carry the Snapdragon 845

It’s only to be expected that the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset will be used on all top-of-the-range 2018 smartphones with the exception of some special cases (such as the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in Europe). But what if I told you that we already have the names and release dates of all the smartphones that will use it during 2018? Here are all the juicy details!

During an event in Hawaii, Qualcomm unveiled its new mobile chipset, the Snapdragon 845. The SoC will present new nuclei in architecture that will now be based on the Kryo 385 model and a new Adreno 630 GPU. Not only that, the entire chip will be produced with a second-generation 10nm process in Samsung’s labs, providing 10% performance increase and 15% less power consumption than previous chips.

The new Kryo 385 cores are based on a company-modified ARM architecture to ensure a 25% performance increase over the last generation’s Snapdragon 835. That’s not all, but you can check out our dedicated article on the full specs of the new chipset for all the details. Right now, we’re about to reveal to you the company’s entire roadmap containing the names and dates of the smartphones that will use the new SoC.

9846815egy1fmwiuynfq1j20go0amq3l bicubic We will not have many surprises in the smartphone world this year. / © Weibo

The table above indicates the smartphones that will mount Qualcomm’s latest SoC, calling them by name and even indicating the month of release. Translating it into English, we find:

Smartphones with Snapdragon 845

Month of release Smartphone
February Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+, LG G7/G7+
April Xiaomi Mi7
May HTC U12
June OnePlus 6, Sony Xperia XZ Pro-A, ZTE Nubia Z18
August Nokia 10
September Samsung Galaxy Note 9, LG V40, Xiaomi Mi MIX 3
October Google Pixel 3/3 XL, Sony Xperia XZ2, HTC U12+, ZTE Nubia Z18S
November Motorola Moto Z 2019
December OnePlus 6T, Samsung W2019

Samsung smartphones are certainly the first to catch the eye: The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be equipped with the chip but not on the European market; the same goes for the Galaxy Note 9. The W2019 smartphone, which does not bear the name Galaxy (usually used by the company to indicate Android smartphones), remains mysterious. Could it be the long-anticipated foldable smartphone? Or is it a new Tizen smartphone? Only time will tell.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6 2461 The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 dominated the first part of 2017. / © AndroidPIT

The other Korean company,  LG, will release its LG G7 and G7+ in February (probably MWC 2018), even if I doubt they will differ from each other as much as with the Samsung models. The Plus version will probably be reserved for South Korea, as has already happened with G6+ and V30+. The V Series was also confirmed for 2018 with the LG V40 coming in September.

OnePlus, according to this table at least, will continue its roadmap with two annual devices, one main and one refresh before the end of the year as already seen with OnePlus 5 and 5T. Motorola will limit itself to just one top-of-the-range model called the 2019 Moto Z while Sony is expected to release a new Xperia XZ Pro-A in June followed by an Xperia XZ2 in October.

AndroidPIT HTC U11 LG V30 Galaxy Note8 Pixel2 plus Huawei Mate10 pro 1979 2018 will feature truly interesting smartphones. / © AndroidPIT

Google will adopt the powerful new chip for its third generation Pixels: Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL while HTC is preparing to follow the same path as in 2017 with HTC U12 in May and U12+ in October. Also important news for Chinese companies such as Xiaomi (with Mi7 and Mi MIX 3) and ZTE (with its Nubia Z18 and Z18S). The rumored Nokia 10 will arrive in August, trying to anticipate the IFA launches.

Which of these smartphones is more exciting for you?

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7 Google Play tips and tricks every Android user should know

The Google Play Store is a big benefit of owning an Android device. It gives you a wide variety of apps to choose from. To get the most out of your shopping experience, we’ve gathered some Google Play Store tips and tricks to help you test drive apps, save money and more. Check them out below!

1. Install an app that isn’t available in your country

If you’re really keen to get an app that’s not available in your country then you can still get your hands on it by using a VPN. ‘VPN’ means ‘virtual private network’. It gives you a secure internet connection via private networks in locations outside of your current one.

Basically, a VPN service can make it look like you’re accessing the internet from a different location. It’s important that you choose a credible VPN. We regularly feature VPN deals in our AndroidPIT Store if you’re looking for a good one at a low price.

Once you’ve downloaded a VPN, select the country whose Play Store you want to access in the VPN app, get the VPN up and running, then open the Play Store app. It should land on the Play Store homepage of the country you selected. Now you can get the app you desire.

ANDROIDPIT vpn 3 Invest in a VPN and access apps outside of your location. / © AndroidPIT

2. Manage your apps in the Play Store

The Google Play store has an area called My apps & games. From here you can look at which apps you’ve downloaded, which were pre-loaded and the apps that you need to update. This is an excellent place to manage your apps within the Play Store and getting to it is easy.

  • Open up the Google Play Store on your Android device.
  • Open the menu (the three horizontal lines at the top left of your screen).
  • Under the Apps & Games section you’ll see the My apps and & games link, tap this.
  • Now you should see a list of your installed apps.

From here you can hit the button Update All in the top right hand corner of your screen. You can monitor what you’ve downloaded and manage these apps. If you go into the All section you can see which apps were on your device and what could be removed.

AndroidPIT google play tips tricks 8186 Manage your apps from the menu. / © AndroidPIT

3. Put a parental lock on Google Play

If you don’t want your child or dependent downloading inappropriate apps on the Play Store you can set up parental controls to prevent your Android device from being misused. This could include games with copious amounts of violence or gore. Apps that could put them in danger like dating apps or chats that give out their location. 

It’s easy to put a parental lock on the Google Play Store.

  • First, open the Play Store and tap the menu icon.
  • Go into the Settings
  • Tap Parental controls and hit the slider so it says ‘On‘. From there you will be asked to create a parental lock PIN code.
  • Create one and then go through the list of things you can download on the Play Store and tap the ones you want to set restrictions for.

Once the restrictions are set, your child or dependent will need to enter your PIN code each time they try to download something that triggers the restriction. As they get older and are able to handle more content you can go back in and change their privileges.

AndroidPIT google play tips tricks 8182 You can set parental locks and restrictions in the Google Play Store app. / © AndroidPIT

4. Get refunds on the Google Play Store

You can get refunds for Play Store purchases with a single tap; so long as you do it within two hours of buying the app. This should be plenty of time to find out if that new weather app actually works, or whether that game is as fun as the garish pictures made it out to be.

  • Once you’ve purchased an app, on its Play Store page you’ll see options to Install or Open. In addition, a Refund option should appear to the left of it.
  • Tap the refund button within two hours of your purchase to get your money back, no questions asked.

If you notice that a child or dependent made this purchase without permission you can always change their privileges.

  • Just head into the Play Store, tap the menu icon and hit Settings.
  • Toggle Require authentication for purchases 
  • Then choose For all purchases through Google Play on this device.

AndroidPIT google play tips tricks 8174 Google has made it easy for you to get refunds on purchases you made in the last two hours. / © AndroidPIT

5. Check out the ‘Indie Corner’

Both big and small developers are important for a vibrant Android app ecosystem. The big developers are not struggling, it’s the small developers who have difficulties.

Part of the problem is that it can be tricky to find independent apps. But now there is the Indie Corner in the Google Play Store.

Indie Corner can’t be found from within the Play Store itself.

  • Instead, open a web-browser on your Android device and search for ‘Indie Corner‘.
  • The first result should be ‘Discover Indie Corner‘ from Google Play.
  • Head in and you should see the list which is refreshed with new apps every month or so.

AndroidPIT google play tips tricks 8188 Check out the Indie Corner for some apps from small developers. / © AndroidPIT

Stop automatic updates

The Google Play Store has a tendency to download updates available for your applications at the wrong time: you can quickly say goodbye to your 3G/4G data package if you’re not careful.

  • From the Google Play Store, go to your Settings, click Update Apps.
  • Choose Do not automatically update applications
  • It will then be up to you to choose when or where you want to update your applications!

Disable automatic addition of a shortcut to the Home screen

When you install a new application, Google Play has the bad habit of systematically adding a shortcut to your home screen. If this is sometimes practical, it can quickly become annoying, especially if you download a lot of apps that you don’t use all the time.

home Home screen looking crowded? / © AndroidPIT

There is a simple method to disable this automatic addition:

  • From the Play Store, go to Settings
  • Uncheck the Add icon to Home screen check box.

What are some of your favorite Play Store tips and tricks? Share your thoughts in the comments section. 

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5 things everyone should know about Google I/O

Choose Driving or Action-adventure.

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1. Machine learning is Google’s new battle horse

Machine learning is the basis for artificial intelligence. By improving it, the user experience on all devices with AI will be improved. Bixby, Sense Companion, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant are all virtual assistants that will get better the more we use them. How? Thanks to machine learning. Google Translation will learn to translate better, false news will be detected more easily, advertising will be more effective, information will be more personalized, etc. Machine learning doesn’t just help Google learn about what you like, it also allows it to learn new things.

The first new feature that was announced by Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai during the keynote event was Google Lens. Having begun its life cycle as an integrated feature on Google Assistant and Photos, Google Lens can now do so much more than you could have imagined. If you point your smartphone camera at a flower, the software will tell you what species it is; or you can point it at a restaurant to get more details about it and decide whether it’s worth a visit or not. When you’re taking photos with friends, the system can recognize their faces and automatically share the photos with them. Your life could change significantly with Google’s strategic new feature.

google io 2017 031 The possibilities are endless with Google Lens. / © Screenshot: AndroidPIT

2. Google Home will overtake Amazon Echo in 2017

In discussing Google Assistant, we inevitably broach the subject of Google Home. When it comes to smart assistants, Amazon’s device often emerges victorious, but this year could be a turning point for Google Home. With the improvements that have been made to the multimedia loudspeakers, Google will finally be able to show its potential.

As announced at the Google I/O event, with Google Home, you can now talk to your home without having to use an app or a smartphone. You can organize meetings or set reminders, input your telephone number by default, play content from Spotify, Deezer or SoundCloud and all without having to actually hold a physical device in your hand. The user experience will be more comprehensive as it will use the maximum potential of Google’s ecosystem (for example, using all the devices you own, whether these be smartphones, tablets, Android TV or other) so the Assistant will be even more integrated than that of the Amazon Echo.

google io 2017 082 Google Home will be the best virtual assistant on the market. / © Screenshots: AndroidPIT

3. Your smartphone will be more reliable and will have a better battery life

If, in the coming months, you decide to change your smartphone or if you’ve bought a new device within the last year, you’ll be among the lucky few who will be able to benefit from Android 8.0.

The main features that will be implemented in future versions of the operating system include better security through Google Play Protect, an integrated Play Store platform that will control installed apps and will eliminate those that are deemed dangerous for the device. In addition to this, if you use your devices intensively, note that Android O will allow you to better manage applications that are running in the background, ensuring improved battery life.

4. VR will be more accessible and less elitist

having announcned an independent headset, meaning that it doesn’t need to be connected to a phone to work, the Google’s world of virtual reality world could be about to take a turn. The new device, which includes a screen, not only emerges victorious over models such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, but also the VR will be more mobile in the truest sense of the term. Cutting the link between smartphones and VR headsets means breaking the rules imposed by smartphones, which is often expensive.

AndroidPIT VR One Plus zeiss 3752 Separating smartphones from the VR world could reduce the cost of devices. / © AndroidPIT

To a certain extent, Google has admitted defeat since most new devices are totally disengaged with the DayDream world. But Google is responding by circumventing the problem: “you don’t want to adapt your devices for our VR?” Never mind, we’ll create it without you”. For a while, we thought that the price of headsets would be reduced, although the Pixel and other top-range devices continue to be priced around the $ 1000 mark. So for this reason, VR should be able to become less elitist and more popular.

5. Google Photos could lead you to a divorce

I left this until the end, perhaps because the title will make you laugh, but in reality, it’s not funny at all. With the new feature offered by Google Photos (a platform that downloads 1.2 billion photos every day, according to a press release by the firm), you’ll be able to create Photo Books, including printed physical albums for $ 9.99/19.99, and you’ll be able to automatically store and share your photos.

google io 2017 112 Are you sure that Google will always automatically send the right photo?! / © Screenshots: AndroidPIT

The keynote speaker’s example was this: “Imagine that you’re taking photos of your kids, and they’re automatically shared with your wife”. We put a lot of trust in Google, based on the amount of personal data that we entrust them with day to day, but what if the wrong image is sent by mistake? And what if the facial recognition system doesn’t pick up the right person? It’s a basic functionality, but one that you should pay close attention to.

Opinion by Sveva Biocca

I’m dubious about how accurate Google’s photo facial identification software will be

What do you think?

6 participants

Which Google service or product do you think will change the world in 2017? Have you tried the Google Assistant? W’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

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5 things you should know about the new Pixel 2 phones

When a new device is unveiled at a keynote event, many details get left out due to their secondary importance or just because of time constraints. So now that the first impressions have settled, we’ve got 5 things that Google has not made obvious about the second generation Pixels.

1. There’s a ‘dark’ theme

When digging into the system files of the new Android update, modders have many times come across references to a dark mode as a secondary theme of Google devices. But this function has never been active until now.

On the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL there is a dark mode that automatically activates when a mainly dark background colour is set on the home screen. The theme does not modify the settings, system apps or third-party apps.

The only noticeable difference is on the Pixel Launcher, which adopts a dark theme in the app drawer. Also, by lowering the notification drawer you can see the color of the quick-switch section of the settings in black. Folders will also darken—very convenient especially since the two new Pixels take advantage of OLED and AMOLED display technology that are known for true blacks.

dark mode The darker mode really makes the colors pop on the OLED display. / © AndroidPIT

2. Google Assistant also works with the display off. Sort of….

One of the new features Google introduced on its new smartphones is the ability to call up the Assistant with a simple squeeze of the phone’s edges—ready to answer your questions or commands. Few people know, however, that this also works with the display off. Kind of.

By pressing the side edges of a Pixel 2 phone, we can call up Assistant and dictate our commands. But if you have a secure unlock with fingerprint, pin, pattern or anything else you will be asked to unlock your phone to continue. Quite annoying considering it’s clear Assistant is actually working in the background.

assistant locked phone Quite a nuisance to unlock to make Assistant actually execute commands but maybe it’s to keep some data safe? / © AndroidPIT

3. Google Lens works only in Google Photos

Google Lens is a new image search function that only works in a limited fashion so far with the new Google Pixels. You can’t yet point the camera at something and ask the Assistant for information.

To use the function we will need to take the picture with the normal camera application, open Google Photos, search for the newly captured image, open it and only then press the button dedicated to Google Lens. Hopefully Google will improve integration with its OS very soon.

google lens min Instead of all these steps, a button inside the camera would have been more comfortable such as with Samsung’s Bixby Vision. / © AndroidPIT

4. Offline music recognition is limited

Google has introduced a very interesting feature with its Ambient Services. It can in fact recognize some songs playing in the surrounding environment and show the song and artist name on the Always On Display without you asking for anything. All totally offline.

This seems like black magic, but in reality draws on an internal smartphone archive of about 50MB that contains information on only 10000 songs. Anything that is not on the list will not be recognized offline.

Capture Although the offline archive is limited, it easily finds recently released hit songs. / © AndroidPIT

5. In portrait mode, you cannot control the level of blur

Another novelty introduced by Google is the possibility of taking pictures with the (now somewhat over-used) bokeh effect, but using a single camera in contrast to the competition. The camera uses artificial intelligence to recognize the type of scene, select the subject of the close-up and intelligently blur the background based on distance

What Google has not told us, however, is that the level of blur cannot be adjusted (as is the case with competitors) but is instead decided independently by AI. All we can decide on via Google Photo is whether or not to have the bokeh effect. Better than nothing, but not great for the user who wants more control.

portrait You can choose between bokeh or normal photo, but you cannot adjust the intensity of blur. / © AndroidPIT

What do you think of the new Pixel phones? Are they everything you hoped for?

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Instant apps at Droidcon 2017: What do you want to know?

At Google I/O 2016, Google introduced an interesting new concept: instant apps. With the aid of new technology, users no longer need to install an app to be able to use it. Since that presentation we didn’t hear much more about this, but the topic will be revisited at Droidcon 2017. We’ll be on site and finding out the things that you want to know!

I would definitely fit into the AndroidPIT team!

What do you think?

5286 participants

Droidcon happened for the first time in 2009 in Berlin, and has since grown enormously. This year around 1,200 developers, designers and enthusiasts are expected to descend on the City Cube in Berlin. For the first time, the event is running parallel to IFA from the 3rd to 5th of September, and covers many different topics. There will be a workshop on the theme of Android Things, a session on indoor navigation from Google Tango, and many others. But one topic especially interests us this year: instant apps. Ben Weiss, an employee at Google UK, shows developers how to prepare their apps for this new technology.  

Google demonstrates what this will look like:

But in the past few months there hasn’t been much development, and we haven’t yet come across any instant apps in the wild yet.

What do you think of the idea of instant apps? Do you have any questions or concerns? Have you come across any yet? Post your questions and comments below and we’ll take them with us to Droidcon 2017. 

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What is Gorilla Glass? Know the differences between each version

I have some great ideas for topics that AndroidPIT could write about.

What do you think?

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What is Gorilla Glass?

Developed by Corning Inc., Gorilla Glass is a glass made from a material called alkali-aluminosilicate, which is formed by bonding aluminum, silicone and oxygen together. It’s not a material you’d find anywhere in nature, or rather, Corning started its development in mid-2005. It was designed to be resistant to damage and scratches, lightweight, and thin (0.4 mm thick).

However, Gorilla Glass wasn’t the first advance Corning made in this sector. Formerly known as Chemcor, the company developed other types of resistant glasses that were used on household items, ophthalmic devices, and for car, aerospace and pharmaceutical applications. With smartphones, however, Corning’s real success started in 2010.

Although having technology that won’t break even if you hit it with a hammer, Gorilla Glass won’t make your smartphone or tablet unbreakable. Everything depends on the version of the Glass and a few other factors as well, like thickness. Therefore, it would be best to think about it as a technology that protects our cell phone’s display from deep scratches and scrapes.

Find out more details about each version of Gorilla Glass and their main differences below:

Main differences between Gorilla Glass versions

Gorilla Glass 1

The first Gorilla Glass was ready between 2005 and 2006, but its big debut really came with the iPhone. Apple released its device to the world in 2007 and, at the company’s request, the technology on its display was 1.5 mm thick and had an oleophobic coating, which minimized fingerprints and smudges.

AndroidPIT dead galaxy s6 3060 Gorilla Glass made its smartphone debut on the iPhone / © AndroidPIT

The iPhone wasn’t the only smartphone to have Gorilla Glass on its display though. Corning was able to get its tech onto about 250 devices in just the first generation.

Gorilla Glass 2

In 2012, Corning released Gorilla Glass 2 at the CES. The glass was just as resistant, but its main update was its thickness. The second generation was 20% thinner than the first model. In lab tests, it could hold up to 50 kg of pressure without cracking or breaking.

In that same year, Gorilla Glass was included on 600 million devices. Since this version was thinner than the first, it let manufacturers develop lighter and thinner models of their phones. Both the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy S3 came equipped with Gorilla Glass 2.

Gorilla Glass 3

Gorilla Glass 3 glass brought even more resistance with it, unlike the previous version which was more focused on thickness. This is also the generation that introduced Native Damage Resistance (NDR) technology, which allowed the glass to handle even deeper scratches. According to Corning, the third generation prevented up to 35% of the scratches on the display.

To commemorate the third version of their tech, Corning planned on increasing the resistance of its Gorilla Glass three-fold compared to older versions. They could do this thanks to a new manufacturing process. GG 3 was released at the CES 2013, and it came on models like the Galaxy S4, the Moto G, and the Moto X.

AndroidPIT Samsung Galaxy S4 review 2015 5 The Galaxy S4 came with Gorilla Glass 4 / © AndroidPIT

Gorilla Glass 4

In 2014, Corning presented its Gorilla Glass with a bold new objective. Through one of its surveys, the company found out that 70% of cell phone screen damage was due to drops, and so it began investing in reinforcing its glass. The GG 4 was developed focused on the idea of being resistant to drops.

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In fact, according to lab studies, the fourth version of Gorilla Glass was twice as strong as its predecessor. Obviously, this tech doesn’t provide near the resistance to large impacts that the Moto ShatterShield on my Moto Force does. The Galaxy Note 5 and ZenFone 2 Laser are a few models that came with GG’s fourth generation.

Gorilla Glass 5

The fifth generation was released focused on providing even more resistance to drops, and it delivered with four times the strength as the previous version. Corning has released that in lab tests, the GG 5 has survived drops of up to 1.6 meters. That said, the manufacturer also guarantees that its technology can prevent cracks in up to 80% of falls onto extremely hard surfaces at the height of 1 meter.

Does my phone have Gorilla Glass?

In the past, there were changes in which devices went to which countries. Most manufacturers came with this scratch and scrape-resistant technology on their products, or they developed their own, as Sony did. Dragontail is a similar technology which is widely used in Chinese companies. There are also screens made of mixing aluminum and sapphire crystals.

On Corning’s website, there’s a section where you can choose a manufacturer and check to see whether your phone comes with Gorilla Glass and which version it is. In the past, it was normal for companies to swap out Gorilla Glass for other technologies with the goal of dropping the price in emerging countries. However, nowadays, that’s much less common practice. Check out the special section here.

Does your Android have Gorilla Glass?

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How to know if your password has been hacked

Unfortunately, piracy has become commonplace on the Internet. And one of the biggest blunders you can make if to think that it will only happen to others, that if you don’t do anything, you’ll never have a problem. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple. So how can you know if your account has been hacked?

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No, it doesn’t only happen to others. It just takes a spot of bad luck, and suddenly, you’re one of the ones if wasn’t supposed to happen to. Everyone (or nearly everyone) is likely to get hacked at some point. Even big names on the Internet can be hacked, like Apple and Yahoo. But how can you know if you’ve been hacked? Let’s start with some basic elements:

Check if you’ve activated maximum security

If you’re unlucky, the service you use may have been hacked, and a thief would then have access to the service’s  database. Service managers may contact you to explain the situation, and if you’re on social media, you’ll find out pretty quickly anyway. 

If the target is not a business/service, things depend a little more on yourself. Have you enabled all security settings? For example, some services use a 2-step verification system. The odds of being hacked with this feature are minimized, and even if this were to happen, you would be notified. For example, Google, Facebook and Dropbox will send you a message to let you know that someone has tried to access your account from a new device.

Screenshot 20170810 154539 Some web services will notify you every time you log into your account from a new device. / © ANDROIDPIT

Check how safe your password is

Of course, not all websites offer a wide range of security options. You must therefore think long and hard on the main element for confidentiality: the password. If the service is hacked, the quality of your password will not really make a difference but if you are personally targeted, it makes sense to pick a safe password.

So how can you tell if your password is secure enough? You’ve probably heard left, right and center that a secure password must have a mix of numbers, letters and sometimes special characters. The problem is that machines that try to figure out your password are also aware of this, so by creating a mix of these characters, you’re not necessarily making the account impossible to hack, you’re only making it more difficult because they’ll have to test a greater number of combinations that include numbers and special characters. Bill Burr, the creator of the secured password standards, explained the problem. In short, he says to make sure you get creative with your password and make sure it’s not just a single word with characters at the start or end. If your password is “Password31”, you should probably consider making it a bit more complicated.

AndroidPIT privacy 4 A password is a virtual key that opens the door to your account. © ANDROIDPIT

These two tips can give you an idea of ​​the situation of your account’s security but they can’t tell you if you’ve been hacked. So how can you be sure?

Look at the symptoms

In theory, your account may have been hacked without you even realizing it. In practice, it’s less obvious because if someone has bothered to get hold of your account details, they probably plan to do something with it. Either they’ll use your account directly, for example change your password, purchase things from your account or send spoof mail to your contacts, or they’ll use it indirectly to scrape other information they find in your account. Thus, they can use/sell your personal data, etc.

Androidpit facebook at work 0417 Data can be exploited for a profit. © ANDROIDPIT

Check online if you have been hacked

If piracy is done on a large scale, you can check whether you were hacked or not. A security expert has created a list of all the victims after every known attack, and allows users to check if their account was hacked. The website is called Have I been pwned? You just have to type in your email address, and the website will tell you whether or not someone knows your password.

You can also type your password and the website tells you if it has been compromised. In both cases, the database is huge (over 300 million passwords) since it gathers hacked accounts from LinkedIn, VK, MySpace, Badoo, Dropbox and many more.

Have you ever had your account hacked? How did you know it had been hacked? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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Honor 9: everything we know so far

Launched last August, the Honor 8 has become a popular smartphone in the US. This is not surprising since the Chinese manufacturer has designed a stylish device with a very good price-performance ratio. Its successor is – of course – already in the works, and we expect it to have superior specs. The first renderings have already been leaked on the net, but not much is known about this device at the moment. The release is now rumored for June.

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Honor 9: price and release date

Take it with a grain of salt, as it’s too early to confirm the details, but we have fresh information on the release date for the Honor 9. A Weibo user known for their consistency has posted that the Honor 9 is due to launch in China on June 20. To keep you excited as we wait for its release, check out the rumors and renders below.

Honor 9: the first renders are out

After the recent launch of a Pro version of the Honor 8 for phablet fans, Honor is currently working on its new flagship. A first image of a rendering of the smartphone has been spread around on the net, but it is difficult for the moment to tell if it is the real deal. It could very well be a new version of Honor 8, or simply a false leak.

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Honor 9 leak 1 Is this the Honor 9? © AndroidPIT

Honor 9: fingerprint scanner on the front

The main (and only) difference between the Honor 8 we’re familiar with and the above image of the presumed Honor 9 is the placement of the fingerprint reader in the front and instead of the back. This change doesn’t come as a surprise as Huawei, the parent company of Honor, has opted for this fingerprint sensor placement for its latest flagship, the Huawei P10.

Honor 9: more renders show that the headphone jack is gone

honor 9 fake leak 2 Fingerprint scanner on the front / © The Tech Point

Another set of renders has just come out showing the front, back, top and bottom of the device. This one should also be taken with a grain of salt since it resembles the Honor 8 so closely. Like the previously leaked render, the fingerprint scanner is on the front, but there’s another thing that sets the Honor 9 apart – the headphone jack is missing. This is sure to be a disappointment for some if it turns out to be true.

honor 9 fake leak No more headphone jack / © The Tech Point

So far, the renders of the Honor 9 have strongly resembled a mix between the Honor 8 and the Huawei P10. Personally, I’m hoping it will be available in a wide range of colors like Huawei’s new device.

huawei p10 color range shot The leaked Honor 9 render takes inspiration from the Huawei P10. / © Huawei

What new things do you expect from the Honor 9? Let us know in the comments.

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