The best last-minute Valentine’s Day smartphone deals

The most romantic day of the year is almost here, and if you haven’t thought of the perfect gift yet, there’s no need to panic! You can get a great deal on a smartphone that someone special will love, plus you can even get one for yourself with a BOGO deal, too! Check out all the best last-minute Valentine’s Day smartphone deals here.

T-Mobile has some of the best promotions of any carrier this year, and it’s offering free overnight shipping to make sure your gift arrives on time for the most romantic day of the year. Here are the most exciting offers: Buy one Apple Watch, get a second half off. BOGO on iPhones, including the iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. BOGO on the latest LG smartphones, including the LG G6, V30 and V30+. Buy a Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+ or Note 8, and get a Samsung Galaxy S8 free. Or, if you just need one phone, get $ 150 off the latest Samsung and LG smartphones. Of course, the usual caveats and fine-print apply here, so you’ll want to check the deals to see if you have to switch carriers, trade-in an old phone, open a new phone line, etc.

Verizon is also bringing the BOGO love this Valentine’s Day. If you buy the Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, you can get a 64 GB Pixel 2 for free with Unlimited. If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S8, LG V30 or Moto Z2 Force, you get another one free. Apple lovers get a similar deal. If you get the iPhone X, you can get a 64 GB iPhone 8. Finally, it’s not a free phone, but you can get $ 200 off the Galaxy Note 8, too. Sprint is offering BOGO leasing for the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, and cheap monthly payments on several top devices like the Galaxy S8.

That wraps up the best last-minute Valentine’s Day smartphone deals. Have you seen any other great offers? Let us know in the comments!

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5 great last-minute Christmas gifts

Christmas is fast approaching, and there’s almost no more time left to buy gifts. Shipping times are too tight to ensure presents will arrive on time, it’s cold and there are no parking spaces left at the mall. If you’re desperately searching for the perfect last-minute holiday gift, this article is for you.

Amazon gift certificate: freedom of choice has a ton of great gifts, but you’re reading this because either you’re not sure what to get or it’s too late to have it shipped. So, why not a gift certificate? The recipient is sure to find something they like in the vast marketplace, and it’s a better option than just handing someone a wad of cash. If you don’t want to pick up a physical Amazon gift card from the store, you can send a digital one via email. With the second option, you can choose to send it with a custom photo for a personal touch. Cards come in several amounts: $ 25, $ 50, $ 75, $ 100 or a custom amount.

AndroidPIT amazon shutterstock 2 Amazon gift cards are hard not to love! / © AndroidPIT, Shutterstock

Google Play Store gift card: for those who always have an Android in their pocket

This is not a simple gift card because the purchases will all be exclusively digital. At first that might seem like a limitation, but in reality, it is a very original gift that gives the recipient the go-ahead to purchase fun or superfluous apps they might never splurge on themselves.

The recipient can use the gift card on the Play Store to stock up on music, movies, books, magazines, apps: everything you have always thought of buying, but never got around to actually purchasing. Surprise your friends with this gift, which you can get at many physical retailers or directly online.

Play store ANDROIDPIT A gift card that offers endless possibilities for entertainment! / © AndroidPIT

iTunes gift card: for Apple fans

If your friends are immersed in the Apple ecosystem, they will appreciate an iTunes gift card. These allow you to buy music, movies, TV shows, apps, books and anything else that’s available in the App Store.

Gift cards can be purchased at the official Apple website or at some physical stores. You can send the gift card directly via email, which is the best solution when the clock is ticking.

AndroidPIT Apple iphone 8 0040 For those immersed in the Apple ecosystem! / © AndroidPIT

Spotify gift card: for music lovers

There’s always at least one among your friends and family who cannot live without his or her favorite playlists, who always has headphones at the ready. Well, we have the perfect solution for you: a Spotify gift card, one of the most widely used and loved streaming music services in the world.

Buying a gift card is very simple: you can find them in stores like Best Buy, or buy an e-card from the comfort of your home. To buy online, just login, choose the amount and enter the recipient’s data.

AndroidPIT Headphones eardrops spotify A gift suitable for music lovers. / © ANDROIDPIT

Netflix gift card: all the cinema at home

How about giving a few months of Netflix to the friend who’s obsessed with movies and TV shows? The well-known streaming platform offers subscription gift amounts that can work with anyone’s wallet. To purchase one, you can go to an authorized retailer or buy one on Amazon. To redeem the gift, the recipient can login to their account and enter the code. Don’t forget, those new to Netflix can get a free trial month. It’s the perfect gift during the winter when everyone just wants to cozy up on the couch.

androidpit Chromecast 2015 24 Have you already seen the new season of the Walking Dead? / © ANDROIDPIT

Do you have any other last minute gift ideas? Hurry up and share them, very little is missing at Christmas!

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