Livestream: What’s the best smartphone camera?

Even if you’re not a professional photographer: You will for sure notice the image quality difference between your old digital compact camera and any current flagship phone. But which smartphone has the best camera? There’s an easy answer—and a more complex one.

What will we be talking about this Friday?

Last week we spent some time with the Google Assistant and showed you some cool tricks for the Google Home Mini. But today we want to go back to talk about our beloved smartphones, more precisely about their photographic capabilities.

While a lot of smartphone manufacturers use Sony’s image sensors and Google’s Android, the camera app development is up to the manufacturer itself. In the age of computational photography, that gives an advantage to the bigger companies with huge software teams—and you will for sure notice the difference. Check out our live stream for more details.

What do you want to know about smartphone cameras? Let us know in the comments and be sure to tune in at 12.30 pm US time (or 5.30 pm if you are in the UK) on our YouTube channel or Facebook page

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Livestream: What can you expect from the Samsung Galaxy S9?

The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is getting closer and closer. There are many rumors about the brand’s future flagship and the gossip keeps on coming. Curiosity is growing and we’re excited to discuss it with you today at 12.30 pm. Are you ready?

What will we be talking about this Friday?

The future Galaxy S9 and Plus will both be unveiled at the MWC in Barcelona next month and, like every other month, the South Korean manufacturers two top-of-the-range products attract everyone’s attention internationally. Expectations are high and so no doubt Samsung will try to impress us with new features.

The camera will undoubtedly be updated, and on the Plus, we expect that the dual camera will be implemented to the back. Enough with the spoilers, tune in with us and be ready with your questions and comments!

Be sure to tune in at 12.30 pm US time, (or 5.30 pm if you are in the UK) on our YouTube or Facebook page!

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Livestream: CES 2018, OnePlus 5T Sandstone White and Honor View 10

Happy New Year! Are you ready for something new? Today the center of our discussion will be the CES in Las Vegas, as well as some exciting news about the new Honor View 10 and OnePlus 5T in the Sandstone White version. Ready to check them out?

What is this all about?

A livestream for COM? Yes! As Fabi already explained to you in his first article of 2018, we will be working hard to bring you more videos to keep you up to date with the latest tech trends. Every week we will be live and available to talk with you all, so be sure to tune in at 12.30 pm US time, (or 5.30 pm if you are in the UK), and we will have a new topic to discuss with you. So don’t be shy and chat to us during our livestream, we’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

What to expect

As mentioned, we will be talking you through the Honor View 10 and OnePlus 5T, as well as the CES in Las Vegas, of course! The American tech fair will be hosting a flood of news that will not only affect smartphones but many other electronic devices. Smart refrigerators, robots, and PCs are a few examples of what you can expect on the line-up. Though it may not seem as interesting as the MWC in Barcelona, we know that some great smartphones will appear in Nevada, and we want to let you know about them. 

Yesterday, OnePlus opened 2018 with a new version of the OnePlus 5T that we want to show you, but this time we’ll be live. Watch and listen, and don’t hesitate to ask whatever questions you may have during our livestream.

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How to watch the Apple iPhone 8 livestream

On September 12, Apple will launch its next flagship phone: the iPhone 8. Apple may also announce a few other of its products at the eagerly anticipated event – we’re hoping and expecting to see something of the Apple Watch 3 and potentially also something about iOS 11. It’s also the 10th edition of this event, which marks a special day in Apple’s calendar, so we can expect something pretty special this year…

When is the iPhone 8 launch event?

The launch event will be on September 12 at 1PM ET (10AM PT or 6PM in the UK).

Apple’s event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater in California, where we’re expecting to see several products announced: the iPhone 8, hopefully the Apple Watch 3, Apple 4K TV and maybe even AirPods 2 as well as news on iOS 11. The tenth anniversary iPhone could be called either the iPhone X or the iPhone 8 according to rumors. Plus, two more phones have been rumored which may be dubbed iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, or even iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. We’ll have to wait and see.

How to watch the livestream

To watch the livestream, you should head to the Apple Special Event 2017 website. Depending on what device you’re using to watch the livestream, there are various requirements for compatibility:

From Android

Watching the event from an Android device is probably the most difficult way of streaming the event (hey, why would Apple make it easy?!). You’ll have to download the VLC media player app. Once it’s installed, tap on the menu icon (the hamburger) and then tap ‘Stream’. The link to add should be the one below, but if it isn’t, we’ll update it as soon as we can:

From Windows PC or laptop (and Linux)

You need Windows 10 or later and the Microsoft Edge browser. Alternatively, you can use VLC media player to stream the event live. Once you’re installed the software on your device, navigate to the tab called ‘Media’ then click on “Open Network Stream…” (or just press Ctrl+N). Then insert the URL link below:

We believe the link for VLC will be: but if it isn’t, we’ll update it as soon as we have the correct one.

From iPhone, iPad, or iPod

Make sure you have iOS 7 at least and open up Safari Internet browser. Head over to the Apple Special Event page and you’re good to go.

From Mac

You can use Safari Internet browser to watch the iPhone 8 launch (has to be Safari, not another browser). You need at least Safari version 6.0.5 and make sure your system is running OS X 10.8.5. Then just head over to the Apple Special Event page.

From Apple TV

You need a 2, 3 or 4th Generation Apple TV running software 6.2 or more recent. Download the Apple Events app and just tune in at 1PM ET!

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