How to factory reset your Android phone

Has your smartphone suddenly frozen or stopped responding? Most of the time, restarting your phone should fix the problem. But, in some more serious cases, you have to resort to a factory reset. We’ll tell you how to do both a soft and a hard reset of your Android phone here.

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How to restart your Android smartphone

Sometimes, phones freeze up for no apparent reason. While it’s annoying, it can usually be fixed quickly and easily by restarting – also known as “rebooting” or doing a “soft reset” of your phone. This will give your phone a fresh start, and in theory, all your photos, apps and settings should be left intact. Here’s how to do it.

  • If your phone suddenly freezes, just hold down its Power button for 30 seconds and it will restart itself.

Soft resetting your Android phone is just that simple! But, sometimes phones can continue on having problems, and it might be necessary to do a factory reset – a more extreme measure that will wipe out all your data, but will usually fix more stubborn issues.

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Restarting usually fixes my phone

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How to factory reset your Android smartphone

If restarting your phone doesn’t help the problem and your phone is still acting up, you might want to try a factory reset. This will restore your device to its factory settings. The process is also sometimes referred to as formatting or doing a “hard reset”. Hard resetting your Android smartphone isn’t actually very hard.

The easier way to do a factory reset is with the Settings menu, but if that isn’t possible, you can also reset in Recovery Mode. Here are the instructions for both.

Factory reset your Android phone from the Settings menu

Be warned: this process will erase all the data from your device’s internal storage, including personal files like photos. So, be sure to back up all your phone’s data beforehand.

  • In the Settings menu, find Backup & reset, then tap Factory data reset and Reset phone.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your pass code and then to Erase everything.
  • Once that is done, select the option to reboot your phone.
  • Then, you can restore your phone’s data.

AndroidPIT google play not working 7 Sometimes you just have to go for the last resort. / © ANDROIDPIT

Factory reset Android in Recovery mode

If your phone is so messed up that you can’t access your Settings menu, there’s still hope. You can reset in Recovery Mode, using just the buttons of your phone.

If possible, back up your phone’s data first, as this process will remove all data from your phone’s internal storage.

  • Turn your phone off.
  • Hold the Volume down button, and while doing so, also hold the Power button until the phone turns on.
  • You’ll see the word Start, then you should press Volume down until Recovery mode is highlighted.
  • Now press the Power button to start recovery mode. You should see an Android robot now.
  • Once you’re in Recovery mode, press and hold the Power button, and while doing so, press the Volume up button once, then let go of the Power button.
  • Press Volume down until Wipe data/factory reset is highlighted, then press the Power button to select it. 
  • Once that’s done, press the Power button to select Reboot system now.
  • Then, you can restore your phone’s data.

Have you tried doing a soft or hard reset of your Android phone? Let us know how it went in the comments.

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100 days with the Razer Phone: the edgy outsider

An alternative style

Over the course of using the Razer Phone as my daily driver for several months, I got plenty of comments from friends about its appearance. We might know it as the Nextbit Robin in its edgy goth phase, but for most people, it’s just that weird black block phone.

Now, your mileage may vary according to taste, but I have some affection for the unfashionable Razer Phone. With the smartphone industry dominated by lemming-like following and trend-chasing, the Razer Phone stands out from the crowd. Does the Razer Phone look sexy? Nope, but it looks different, and that has a charm of its own.

AndroidPIT razer phone 0298 No sexy curves for this geeky gamer phone. / © AndroidPIT

While the Razer Phone may not have the shiny sleekness of the latest Samsung or Huawei, it’s not by omission, but by design. The Razer Phone knows exactly what it wants to be. And if you plumped for an outsider like the Razer for your phone of choice, chances are you have a pretty clear idea of what you want too. As you’ll see in this article, the Razer Phone’s form serves its function.

Mean multimedia machine

If you see your smartphone as a portable media device or palm computer, then it’s hard to find better than the Razer Phone. The audiovisual experience is incredible, thanks to the gorgeous screen and absolutely fantastic front facing stereo speakers 

Many of the strengths of the Razer Phone really became apparent when I’ve been on holiday or on the road, far from my precious PC. The front facing speakers and the ability to prop the phone up in landscape (well worth all the comments about the ‘blocky’ design) has made it more than able to serve as my music and video player on the go without ever feeling like I’ve compromised on quality.

AndroidPIT razer phone 0303 The ability of the phone to rest on one side is highly underrated. / © AndroidPIT

A January software update enabled support for Netflix HDR videos as well as Dolby Digital 5.1, so the Razer Phone is still in the top class when it comes to playing multimedia. And as you would expect from Razer, this naturally includes gaming. 

The gaming, tho

As a lifelong gamer, I ‘get’ what Razer is trying to do here, and appreciate what they’ve done for gamers while also realizing the problem of the gamer’s smartphone. Most gamers who can afford the $ 700 Razer Phone would already have a good PC/console at home, which the Razer Phone can’t compete with. So how much gaming are you really going to do with it?

This is something that anyone who buys into Razer’s marketing will have to consider. The Razer Phone is just as good a handheld gaming platform as it is a general multimedia device on the go, capable of running the most demanding, cutting edge mobile games with ease. 

AndroidPIT Razer Phone Gaming 03 The Razer Phone can take the most demanding games on the Play Store, no trouble. / © AndroidPIT

You want AAA graphics on the go? You got it with the Razer Phone. Aside from travelling and the daily commute, I’ve also had the pleasure of using the Razer Phone as my main test device for all those tasty game reviews I’m serving up here on a daily basis. I haven’t been tempted to swap it out for any others.

For more details about the Razer Phone gaming experience, and how games from the 120Hz IGZO LCD display and Razer’s Game Booster, settings, I’ll point you to my dedicated article. 100 days on, I can still confidently say that the Razer Phone is the best choice if you want your smartphone to also be a handheld gaming device.

They see me scrollin’, they hatin’

Even I don’t spend the majority of my time with the Razer Phone playing games or even watching videos. Like many people, the majority of my use is taken up by social media and web browsing. Maybe I spend more time than the average person going through documents and news feeds in the course of my research.

AndroidPIT razer phone 0311 You won’t want to slow down. / © AndroidPIT

It’s in these simple everyday tasks that the Razer Phone shines again, thanks to the display’s 120hz refresh rate and relatively clean software. Scrolling and navigating on the Razer Phone is lightning-fast, butter-smooth and highly addictive. Once you’re used to it, most other devices feel sluggish under the fingers.

A beefy battery

The Razer Phone’s chunky 4,000 mAh battery gives it a good lifespan even with the screen set to 120 fps all the time. Even taking into account a couple of short gaming sessions with something like Arena of Valor, PUBG, or Shadowgun Legends, the phone chugs through the whole day. With just casual use, it’s usually a day and a half before I reach for the cable.

Taking full advantage of the phone’s media and gaming capabilities on the go though, means either diving into the game booster to tone down the framerate and graphical goodies, or having an power source nearby. Luckily, the packed-in charger juices it up to full power in no time thanks to Quick Charge 4+.

Great in the hand, awkward in the pocket

Touching again on the Razer Phone’s shape, the rectangular shape that makes it a great portable media player and helps a secure grip in both hands while gaming makes it pretty inconvenient in the pocket. More than once I’ve been annoyed at the phone poking my legs or sliding up out of my jeans. 

AndroidPIT Razer Phone Gaming hero 6803 The size and shape of the Razer Phone makes it somewhat inconvenient to carry around. / © AndroidPIT

Speaking of jeans, I’m fairly confident this phone is responsible for wearing a hole through my cheapest pair. Should I shake my fist at Razer? Or Primark? The Razer Phone’s unwieldiness is especially inconvenient the summer when lighter clothing is required. This ain’t a phone to casually carry around in your shorts and text with.

The camera can’t catch up

In our initial review of the Razer Phone, it was clear that the camera just didn’t measure up to the quality of other similarly priced devices, and despite updates rolled out by Razer, this situation hasn’t changed. This is the major factor keeping the Razer Phone from joining the cool kids table and counting flagships from Huawei and Samsung among its peers.

Uncertain updates

Part of the unease with the Razer Phone is that we’re still not sure how well Razer will do with regard to software support. So far, it’s a mixed bag. I didn’t expect them to do miracles with the camera updates but the ability to play HDR content on Netflix was much appreciated. 

The real test will be with Android versions and security patches. I’m still waiting for the update to Android 8.1 Oreo, which is meant to arrive later this month. It’s a far from speedy update schedule, and it doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence about the Razer Phone’s future-proofing.

A loveable misfit

Despite some misgivings, I’m glad I took a chance on the outsider and stuck with the Razer Phone over the long term. In many ways, it’s a specialist phone for particular interests. As a gamer and multimedia enthusiast, the Razer Phone’s strengths align with my use, with the camera being the only cause for regret.

The Razer Phone clearly has room for improvement, and that’s why I’m also looking forward to the next generation to fix its weaknesses and also watching out for Razer’s ambitious Project Linda, which would allow the Razer Phone and its successor to serve as a 13-inch laptop.

Weird? Niche? Yes, but that’s part of the appeal. After 100 days, I’ve found a lot to love in this misfit, and while there are mobile games to be played and music to be blasted, we’ll be keeping company.

Have you tried the Razer Phone? What do you think of it?

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EMUI: All the tricks you’ll need for your Huawei or Honor phone

Brands always customize their interfaces and in EMUI it is easy to see the Chinese manufacturer’s touch. The user interface offers an experience that is quite distinct from stock Android. In this article, we’ll show you some features that are worth knowing to get the most out of your smartphone, whether it’s a Huawei P10, a Mate 10 Pro or an Honor View 10, to name a few in the ever-growing Huawei/Honor family.

Important: There may be slight differences between an Honor device and Huawei device.


How to customize the interface

One of the advantages of EMUI is undoubtedly its level of customization. Set up your own photo as a background, collect the apps in the dedicated drawer, navigate using the physical or virtual keys, rearrange the apps on the screens, it takes just a few steps to make the interface fit your tastes and your needs.

  • Change the background: Settings>Display>Wallpaper>Set wallpaper>Gallery/Other.
  • Activate the app drawer: Settings>Display>Home screen style>Drawer.
  • Choose how to navigate the system: Settings>Smart assistant>System navigation; here you can tell your device how to activate the single Navigation Key to access the home screen, the back screen and recent activities, whether to activate the Virtual Navigation Bar (by customizing the key combination) or opt for the Quick Menu.
  • Modify Quick settings: lower the drop down menu and click on the pencil icon.

AndroidPIT EMUI tips tricks 1706 Adapt your smartphone to your needs. / © AndroidPIT

  • Change layouts and rearrange apps: Press and hold on the home screen and click on Settings. In this section you can reorganize your apps, even by shaking your smartphone to realign them.
  • Display the percentage of battery left: Settings>Apps and notifications>Notifications and status bar>Battery percentage: Do not show/Next to battery icon/Inside battery icon.
  • Add contact info on the lock screen: Settings>Security and privacy>Screen lock & passwords>Lock screen signature.
  • Deactivate the step count on the lock screen: Settings>Security and privacy>Screen lock & passwords>Show step count on lock screen.

AndroidPIT EMUI tips tricks 1701 Customize backgrounds, widgets, and transitions. / © AndroidPIT

Immerse yourself in the display menu

We often underestimate the importance of the display and the settings associated with it. I am not only talking about the level of brightness but also about the option of modifying the color rendering of the displayed contents, as well as customizing the font size.

  • Font size: Settings>Display>Text size.
  • Change the size of interface elements: Settings>Display>View mode.
  • Display resolution: Settings>Display>Screen Resolution.
  • Display brightness:  Settings>Display>Brightness.
  • Color temperature: Settings>Display>Color temperature>Default/Warm/Cold.
  • Color mode: Settings>Display>Color mode>Normal/Vivid.
  • Filter the blue light on the screen: Settings>Display>Eye comfort.

AndroidPIT EMUI tips tricks 1707Adjust the text size according to your preferences. / © AndroidPIT

  • Turn off the screen: Settings>Display>Sleep>30 seconds is a good way to limit consumption.
  • View an app in full screen mode: Settings>Display>Full-screen display.
  • Screen rotation: Settings>Display>Auto-rotate screen/Smart rotate.
  • Increase the sensitivity of the touchscreen during winter: Settings>Smart assistance>Gloves mode.
  • Display photos on the lock screen while charging: Settings/Display/Screen saver.

Speed up interactions with your device

Not all the options offered by a device are useful. On EMUI there are some functions that I recommend you activate because they will allow you to optimize the interaction with your smartphone by making you navigate with fewer gestures or steps.

  • Find files in no time: swipe down from the home screen and you will see the search bar appear.
  • Activate voice commands: Settings>Smart Assistance>Voice control to answer or reject calls with your voice.
  • Call a contact from the off screen: Press and hold the volume key and say the name of the contact after the beep.
  • Wake up Google Assistant: hold down the home button and use the voice command (remember to activate it first from the Google app).
  • Open apps by drawing the initial on the display: Settings>Smart assistance>Motion Control>Draw.
  • Divide the screen in two with your knuckle: Settings>Smart assistance>Motion control>Split-screen gesture.
  • Activate the quick launcher: From the unlock screen, swipe up and down to access the recorder, flashlight, calculator, timer and camera.

AndroidPIT EMUI tips tricks 1713 All you need is a swipe to access the quick launcher. / © AndroidPIT

  • Use two WhatsApp/Facebook accounts: Settings>Apps and Notifications>App twin.
  • Activate the unlock with face recognition: Settings>Security and privacy>Face unlock.
  • Activate one-handed operation:Settings>Smart Assistance>One-handed UI>Mini screen view.
  • Take a screenshot: instead of the classic combination of Low Volume + Power button, knock a few times on the screen with your knuckle.


Locking your device with a PIN, password, sequence, fingerprint reader or face recognition will help you protect your data. And if you want to keep secrets from curious eyes, you’ll be happy to find four features that are designed for you!

AndroidPIT Private space 8627 With Private Space you can access two “worlds” in the same device! / © AndroidPIT

Become a master with the camera

This is one of the components users use most and it is full of surprises, especially now that artificial intelligence is taking over smartphones. Introduced on the Mate 10 Pro and View 10 with the Kirin 970 NPU, AI helps to optimize the photographic experience when you choose the best settings and modes, depending on your needs.

  • Activate Pro mode: Open the camera app. Make a swipe from left to right and click on Pro photo or Pro video.
  • Take a picture from the off screen: Double-click on the Lower Volume.
  • Browse through photos in the gallery quickly: open a photo in the Gallery, pinch to zoom out and scroll through other shots.
  • Select multiple photos at once: open folder, press and hold on the photo you want to select for a few seconds and swipe your finger to select the others.
  • Create a bokeh effect: Open the camera and click on the icon simulating the lens aperture; now click on the object you want to focus on and shoot.
  • Adjust the beauty effect: click on the portrait icon and slide your finger on the beauty level indicator.
  • Fun with AR: activate AR lenses from the camera menu, click on AR at the bottom and select the effects you want to see in real time on the object you are shooting.

AndroidPIT EMUI tips tricks 1720With artist mode you can transform your shots into works of art.  / © AndroidPIT

  • Artist mode: to transform your photos into comics or make them works of art (in Prism style).
  • Apply Instagram-style filters before shooting: activate the Filter item between camera modes and then click the three circles to display the nine filters in real time.
  • Take a picture with a smile: access the camera settings with a side swipe and activate Capture smiles.
  • Scan a document: open the camera and click Document Scan; frame the document and proceed with scanning as instructed.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t perform miracles. You won’t be able to make the battery of your smartphone last longer than two days. You can, however, monitor and manage battery consumption with dedicated settings, and if it’s supported, you can take advantage of quick charging to get all the energy you need back in a short time.

  • Enable power save mode: To limit apps in the background, disable automatic synchronization of email and system sound.
  • Choose ultra energy saving mode: for emergency situations, this mode allows the use of very few apps, greatly limiting the user experience.
  • Understand what weighs on power consumption: Settings>Battery>Battery Usage.
  • Optimize consumption: Settings>Battery>Optimize, then click on the tips you want to put into practice.

AndroidPIT EMUI tips tricks 1722 Take a look at your battery usage. / © AndroidPIT

Other useful tips

If you want to have to complete control of the system, here are some additional tricks:

  • Activate the developer options: Settings>About phone>Build number, click on this until you see the notification of successful activation.
  • Reset your smartphone: Settings>Reset>Factory data reset.
  • Update your system: Settings>System Update>Updater or take advantage of this trick.
  • Manage two SIM cards at the same time: Settings>Wireless and networks>Dual SIM settings.
  • Schedule your smartphone to turn on to sound the alarm: Settings>Smart assistance>Schedule power on/off; set the time that it will turn on and then the time for the alarm.
  • Transfer data from your old smartphone: Download Phone Clone on the two devices (Huawei, Honor or Apple) and select the data you want to transfer.
  • Better audio experience: Settings>Sound>Huawei Histen audio effects (connect the earphones to the device or the item will not appear in the menu).

Phone Clone Install on Google Play

Do you have a Huawei or Honor smartphone? What other trick would you add to the list? You can share them with us here!

These tricks are available with Android 8.0 and EMUI 8.0, but some may also work with previous versions.

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How often should you replace your phone: 5 important criteria

There are those people who like spicy food, or those who have a sweet tooth. Well, just like how people have different tastes in food, there are also different types of mobile users. So to answer the question of how often you have to change phones will depend on your taste and what kind of user you are. Although this article won’t reveal a magic recipe or secret formula, we’ll share some points that you should keep in mind when you’re thinking about replacing your smartphone.

Of course, we’d all like to have our hands on a top-range Samsung Galaxy S9 and exchange it next year for the new version, but not everyone has that kind of purchasing power, and as I already mentioned, this this all depends on the demands you place on your personal device.

1. It’s slower than a game of chess

It is a nightmare to turn on your smartphone and then have to wait an eternity for it to start. Or what about when the device takes a long time to respond to after a call? If you move from WhatsApp to Facebook and it feels like you’re watching grass grow, don’t think about it anymore and get a new mobile phone right now.

2. Your version of Android is outdated

When the manufacturer of your device refuses to release a new system update, it’s a clear sign that you need to change your smartphone. An outdated phone is more vulnerable to attacks, as you’ll lose support for security updates and the apps you use the most.

3. The battery runs out in the blink of an eye

The battery in any electronic device has a certain lifespan. The more you use it, the more it’ll wear out over time. This is a ‘natural’ process. If the battery is wearing down, it’s a clear sign that you’ll need to replace the battery… but if you’ve reached that point, it’s easier just to buy a new phone.

4. You’re out of storage

If you’ve run out of space on your device it doesn’t mean you should run to the mall and buy a new smartphone. If you’ve run out of storage, you can save photos, videos, or install more apps by expanding the device’s internal memory or simply by cleaning and deleting files and applications you don’t use or need.

5. Your photos are getting uglier

imagem camera mi 5 Not so pretty… / © AndroidPIT

This might seen trivial to some, but for many people this will be a good enough reason to aim for a new smartphone. There’s a good reason why smartphones are leading to the extinction of digital cameras. It could be that your phone’s lens was scratched or bumped at some point, which can affect the quality of your photos and videos.

So what do you think? How often do you replace your smartphone?

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Mate RS Porsche Design hands on: Huawei’s most expensive phone

You thought the Huawei P20 Pro was expensive at 899 euros? Then please note: The Huawei Porsche Design Mate RS costs almost twice: 1700 euros! That’s just over 2000 dollars. We already got a first look at the high-end smartphone and now we’ll show it with you!

First of all, the Porsche Design Mate RS simply looks and feels incredible. As with the P20 Pro, the front and back are made of glass, and a metal frame holds the chassis together. The Mate RS features IP67 certification against dust and water.

The OLED display itself is already spectacular with its rounded edges and a resolution of 2880 x 1440 pixels at 6.0 inches. But Huawei has also integrated a fingerprint sensor into the display – just as we have already seen from Vivo. In addition, there is even a second sensor on the back of the housing.

If you have already seen our hands-on video of the Huawei P20 Pro, the camera equipment may seem familiar. The Mate RS uses the same trio of a 40 megapixel RGB sensor, a 20 megapixel black and white sensor and a 8 megapixel telecamera. The camera on the front has 24 megapixels of resolution for selfie lovers out there.

Only a few people will get the chance to own the Mate RS Porsche Edition. The price is really high, but that’s not the point of the device: it is a luxury smartphone that shows what Huawei can do when it collaborates with important partners and brings together all the technology that is currently in the brand’s arsenal.

Do you like this Mate RS Porsche Edition?

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Nokia 1 hands-on review: this might be the best budget phone

The Nokia 1 by any measure an entry-level smartphone. Launching in Europe for just 99 euros, it relies on the simplest hardware but still aims to be a successful smartphone solution for many users. Can this work? We investigate in this hands-on review.

Nokia 1 design and build quality

Anyone who expects a stylish design with the highest quality workmanship in this price range naturally expects too much. The Nokia 1 has a removable polycarbonate back. Behind it is the removable battery (yes!) as well as the SIM and memory card slots. Nokia offers replacement covers that come in different colors.

The Nokia 1 makes a neat and robust impression. It is handy and compact, buttons are easily reachable and handy. The 4.5 inch display is rather small, but for the targeted audience this might be more advantageous. Under the circumstances, it’s well made. 

nokia 1 back The Nokia 1 is well made for the price range. / © AndroidPIT

HMD is pitching the Nokia 1 to first-time smartphone users. So it is meant to appeal to those who find a feature phone too simple, while a decent mid-range phone is too expensive. In Nokia’s brand story, Nokia 1 places itself above the two classic revivals, namely the Nokia 3310 and the new 8110: for phone calls, SMS or occasional WhatsApp, there is no need for peak performance.

This is where the core feature comes into play: Android Oreo (Go Edition). This especially optimized version of Android runs even on the weakest hardware and is so slimmed down that the system uses less memory. In addition, there are some Google apps in a special Go version that are also optimized for reduced resource consumption. 

nokia 1 xpress on cover Two Xpress-on covers / © AndroidPIT

How fluid is Android Go on Nokia 1?

To try it out, I had the opportunity to spend about half an hour with Nokia 1. It was of course fresh, so only the few Google Apps were pre-installed. Whether it’s a home screen, app drawer, app launches or whatever: Nokia 1 didn’t stutter, although of course more powerful smartphones work faster overall.

nokia 1 front Nokia 1 comes with the Go version of Android. / © AndroidPIT

The overall performance was astonishingly good. However, it remains to be seen how Nokia 1 performs when perhaps one or two messengers are used and apps such as Facebook or Twitter are installed. We’ll find out as we proceed with a more extensive test. But it’s also clear that although Nokia 1 can access the entire Play Store, the smartphone is not intended for app addicts. The camera is also more suitable for snapshots.

The display is not exceptionally bright and has a resolution of 854 x 480 pixels – even with the small diagonal the display remains slightly washed out. However, it is quite stable in terms of viewing angle and appears to be entirely appropriate in view of the price range.

Only after a while with the Nokia 1, I recalled another device with some similarities. Namely the Lumia 630, which came onto the market a few years ago with Windows Phone, but was almost unbeatable in the $ 160 price range. Because the smartphone could handle anything and always ran smoothly,  it was the perfect upgrade to a feature phone at that time. HMD could also have the same thing in hand with the Nokia 1, a smartphone that simply does what it’s supposed to do: work. That sounds obvious, but in view of the price it is sensational.

Early Verdict

Did the Nokia 1 convince us in the hands-on? Absolutely. For just under 100 euros (which would work out to around $ 120), the Nokia 1 is an interesting smartphone that delivers decent performance, at least it makes a good initial impression after our half hour with it.

Given that the price is the main selling point here, and the fact that HMD does not plan to bring the full range of new Nokias to the US market this year, stateside Nokia fans interested in the Nokia 1 may struggle to get hold of it, or be put off by import costs. Let’s hope that HMD’s long term plans involve marketing this promising device to North America.

The whole package certainly is promising, no doubt about it: the low-resolution display plays its part, but also the obviously successful optimization of the Go version of Android.

The Nokia 1 is visually pleasing. The performance is great too. In the extensive test it has to be proven whether Nokia 1 can keep this up, even if several messengers and apps are installed. We also have to check the battery life. Until then, we don’t have to wait too long for a more in-depth review, because the Nokia 1 is due to be launched in Europe at the beginning of April.

What do you think of the Nokia 1? Does it deserve to come to the US?

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Essential Phone (PH-1) hands-on review: has its time come?

Andy Rubin, formerly head of the Android project at Google, decided to launch his own smartphone company, Essential. The first smartphone called Essential PH-1 (ph-one, geddit?) is an impressive device, with a refined design, quality materials and an interesting front camera. We got our hands on one of Rubin’s babies at MWC 2018, and find it to be a compelling option for your new smartphone this year.

Design and build quality

Despite all this though, the Android expert’s ideal phone has remained a somewhat niche device with disappointing sales 2017. Now, at a reduced price and with more color options, is the Essential Phone a valid choice this year? 

At first glance, the smartphone impresses with its minimalist design. The body is made of shiny ceramic: it captures fingerprints like glass but it is colder and more pleasant to the touch. Unlike the back, the smartphone’s structure is made of titanium. According to the company, the phone is able to withstand falls, scratches and other damage and much more than aluminum smartphones.

AndroidPIT essential phone 7976 The titanium body is unique. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

Bezel-less display? Essential kicked off the trend

If you think Apple was the first to introduce a smartphone with a notch, you’re wrong. The Essential PH-1 display has one in the center of its 5.71″ LCD display (19:10, 2560 x 1312 format) containing the front camera. The recess is very small and gives the smartphone a unique look, even if some find any kind of notch useless and unsightly.

AndroidPIT essential phone 8005 The smartphone has already been updated to Oreo. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

The Essential Phone screen covers 84% of the frontal surface and extends as far as possible to the edges on three sides. The effect is aesthetically pleasing.

Dual camera and 360-degree photo module

As mentioned above, the front camera is located in the notch at the top of the display. The sensor is 8MP with f/2.2 and fixed focus. On the back we find a double 13MP camera that uses a system similar to the Huawei smartphones with a monochrome sensor and an RGB.

Lenses have a focal length of f/1.85. To complete the photo module we find a hybrid PDAF and laser autofocus as well as a double LED flash.

AndroidPIT essential phone 7965 No visible logo on your smartphone. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

To the right of the camera module there are two pins for connecting accessories. The first module presented by the company aims to revolutionize the photographic experience, in fact it is a 360-degree camera that Essential defines as the smallest in the world. The module connects magnetically and gets power through the pins on your smartphone. The data is passed wirelessly.

Essential Phone PH-1: technical specifications

  Essential Phone PH-1
Display 5.71″, 19:10,
2560×1312 pixel, QHD
OS Android Oreo 8.1 (with update)
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
RAM / Internal Memory 4GB / 128GB UFS 2.1
Micro SD No
Front Camera


Rear camera Dual sensor (RGB + BW) 13MP, f/1,85 
Battery 3,040 mAh
Extra USB Type-C, IP54

A reduced price makes the Essential Phone an attractive one

The Essential PH-1 launched with a price of $ 699. Not too high given the high-end specifications and unique features such as ultra premium materials and three-sided bezel-less display, but still a tall order for a new company’s entry into a very competitive market, Android founder or not.

AndroidPIT essential phone 7983 The SIM card carriage is on the bottom of the device. / © AndroidPIT by Irina Efremova

In October, Essential lowered the price to $ 499 for Black Moon and Pure White colors, making this smartphone even more attractive. New colors recently launched (Ocean Depths, Stellar Grey and Copper Black) and have a list price of $ 599.

Essential still only sells PH-1 in the USA and Canada, so if you live outside these regions, unless you have a personal contact to bring one over for you, the additional import costs will likely offset its new value for money. 

Early Verdict

Although it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses for Andy Rubin’s company so far, Essential Phone remains a very valid smartphone and with the price drop the deal becomes even more interesting.

As far as performance and image quality are concerned, we are awaiting a review unit in the office that we can examine in detail and over a longer period of time.

What do you think of the Essential Phone? Is it still competitive with its new price in 2018?

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Is your phone at risk of being infected with adware thanks to one of these apps?

Not too long ago, security researchers unmasked several game apps in the Google Play Store that were just a front for insidious adware. At the time, the researches didn’t list the relevant apps (which had apparently already infected somewhere between 5 -18 million smartphones), but now we’ve got a clearer picture of which apps we should avoid or uninstall. Interestingly enough, the majority of apps have a common trait – the name Judy.

I would like to try playing games with a TV box.

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Profit-driven malware developers have managed to create their own money printing machine in the Google Play Store, and it’s all thanks to a simple update. 41 apps from the Korean developer Kiniwini – which are available in the Play Store under the ENISTUDIO corp brand – were updated with adware code. It’s still unclear whether the company did this deliberately or if one of the developers (ab)used their position to insert the code. What is certain thought is that the apps had been available for download for quite some time, and only recently (and almost simultaneously) received the malicious code per update. The oldest updates date back to April 2016, which makes both the scope and duration of the attack unclear.

judy adware play store example An adware infected app hiding behind a 4.2 star rating / © Checkpoint

The security researchers from Checkpoint were also able to identify the same malware in other third-party apps, increasing the potential spread of infected users up to 36.5 million. In the meantime, all Judy apps have been banned from the Play Store, but if you are using one of the following apps on your device, you should uninstall them now. 

  • Fashion Judy: Snow Queen style
  • Animal Judy: Persian cat care
  • Fashion Judy: Pretty rapper
  • Fashion Judy: Teacher style
  • Animal Judy: Dragon care
  • Chef Judy: Halloween Cookies
  • Fashion Judy: Wedding Party
  • Animal Judy: Teddy Bear care
  • Fashion Judy: Bunny Girl Style
  • Fashion Judy: Frozen Princess
  • Chef Judy: Triangular Kimbap
  • Chef Judy: Udong Maker – Cook
  • Fashion Judy: Uniform style
  • Animal Judy: Rabbit care
  • Fashion Judy: Vampire style
  • Animal Judy: Nine-Tailed Fox
  • Chef Judy: Jelly Maker – Cook
  • Chef Judy: Chicken Maker
  • Animal Judy: Sea otter care
  • Animal Judy: Elephant care
  • Judy’s Happy House
  • Chef Judy: Hotdog Maker – Cook
  • Chef Judy: Birthday Food Maker
  • Fashion Judy: Wedding day
  • Fashion Judy: Waitress style
  • Chef Judy: Character Lunch
  • Chef Judy: Picnic Lunch Maker
  • Animal Judy: Rudolph care
  • Judy’s Hospital:pediatrics
  • Fashion Judy: Country style
  • Animal Judy: Feral Cat care
  • Fashion Judy: Twice Style
  • Fashion Judy: Myth Style
  • Animal Judy: Fennec Fox care
  • Animal Judy: Dog care
  • Fashion Judy: Couple Style
  • Animal Judy: Cat care
  • Fashion Judy: Halloween style
  • Fashion Judy: EXO Style
  • Chef Judy: Dalgona Maker
  • Chef Judy: ServiceStation Food
  • Judy’s Spa Salon
  • 커플디데이 (커플기념일, 위젯)
  • Dog Music (Relax)
  • 카카오톡 대화분석기
  • 황금기 알리미 (여성달력)
  • 100억 가계부
  • KatocPic(카톡픽) – 카톡프로필
  • 필수추천 무료어플 77
  • Spring-It’s stylish, it’s sexy
  • Crafting Guide for Minecraft

The adware managed to secretly bypass “Bouncer” – Google’s Play Store protection mechanism. All of the technical details and an overview of the code is explained in a Checkpoint blogpost. What the “infected” app does is quite simple – it loads and clicks visible (and hidden in the background) ad banners. Those banner impressions and clicks then give the adware author a nice boost in illegitimate sales. Another unpleasant side effect is that the original app, which might have been useful in the beginning, now becomes unusable and leaches off your mobile data.

Opinion by Eric Herrmann

Just because an App has good ratings doesn’t mean the App is actually any good

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The fact that the apps continued to maintain their strong ratings in the Play Store can also be attributed to the skill of adware creators. Often, users are forced to give five-star ratings in apps in order to continue using them or they are tricked into giving ratings by other means.

Users of Android smartphones are hardly able to defend themselves against such spontaneous attacks. Anti-malware apps can only advise against installing an app, but they do not remove malware or prevent its installation due to system restrictions. Real protection is only done at the kernel level, and this is only happens with the (infrequent) system updates.

Have you been affected by this adware issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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Aermoo M2: a quad-camera and IP69K rugged phone coming your way

What happens when a tough-as-nails Russian outdoor-enthusiast puts their mind to manufacturing mobile phones? Something resilient and daring comes out of it. In an initial move to break into the rugged phone market, Russian-based adventure-oriented company Aermoo launched its first mobile creation the Aermoo M1, an Android smartphone covered in a tough aluminum alloy. But a new contender is now in sight: introducing the Aermoo M2, an Android smartphone designed in Germany that will soon be available along with some unique features and hardware the world has yet to see.

IP69K: water and dust resistant to the max

The Aermoo M2 is built for those who love the outdoors, from moderate to extreme sport types, and is well-equipped for the task thanks to its various rugged features, the first being its resistance to water and dust: the Aermoo M2 goes beyond the IP68 rating and offers the highest protection rating of the Ingress Protection (IP) rating system, being IP69K. This means it is resistant to penetration of high-pressure, high-temperature water and dust. It will stay fully functioning immersed in up to 1.5 m of water for 24 hours. Whether you’re crossing mountains, rivers or deserts, the M2 will be your loyal companion in the great outdoors.

8K3A2189 The Aermoo M2 goes beyond the IP68 rating. / © Aermoo

Rugged metal frame with plastic cover

The solid metal frame will protect the M2 from drops, while its resilient plastic cover resists scratches. Thanks to its makeup of thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) elastomer and polycarbonate (PC) the Aermoo M2 excels in shock absorption. What’s more, it is insoluble and resistant to oil, water, and mold. Its material also has a good level of elasticity that allows it to remain in up to a -35℃ outdoor environment.

Quad Cameras: front and back dual cameras for the adventure buffs

The Aermoo M2 is the very first rugged phone to sport four cameras: you’ll find two 16 MP + 13 MP dual lenses on both the back and front of the device. The sensor works with PDAF tech to produce fast-action pictures that especially clear and vivid in just a second. What’s more, its water resistance allows the M2 to shoot under water. PureView Carl Zeiss® can be found on the phone.

Tough-as-nails glass: Corning Gorilla Glass 5

Corning Gorilla Glass covers the Aermoo M2’s screen making it durable and scratch-resistant. It is able to withstand intense pressure, repeated touch and extreme conditions.

Ergonomic display experience: 18:9 screen ratio for one-handed operation

The M2 is the world’s first rugged smartphone with a 5.7’’ HD+ full-screen display and an 18:9 aspect ratio. IPS technology greatly enhances the dynamic display effect. Furthermore, wide viewing angle and accurate color reproduction makes every detail on the display show clearly outdoors.

8K3A2157 The Aermoo M2 is the very first rugged phone to sport four cameras. / © Aermoo

Strength inside: power-efficient octa-core Helio P23 CPU

The Aermoo contains a powerful octa-core Helio P23 CPU with 6 GB of RAM that allows it to deliver a strong multitasking performance. Users are offered a flawless operating speed and smooth user experience. The Helio P23 CPU builds on a 16nm FinFET+ processer and incorporates eight Cortex-A53 cores clocked at up to 2.5GHz. The smartphone has low energy consumption.

Memory and storage to last: 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM

The Aermoo M2 is powered by LPDDR4x memory technology, which is advantageous for some resource-hungry tasks like gaming. Its 128 GB of internal storage permits you to save every precious app, picture, and video right on your phone without needing the Cloud (or internet). Plus, inadequate storage space will never be a worry also because of its expandable 256 GB memory thanks to the SD card slot. Taking videos of the spectacular scenery can be done stress-free.

Customized tools for the great outdoors

When in the great outdoors, there are certain tools that may come in handy, and the Aermoo M2 has a weatlh of them: it has multiple navigation tools customized especially for explorers, like SOS, GPS, Compass, Geomagnetism and Gyroscope.

Aermoo M2 Availability

The upcoming rugged phone is not yet available, but can already be pre-booked (reserved) from the Aermoo website.

Follow Aermoo on its social media channels:




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South Park: Phone Destroyer™ v2.3.1 Mod Apk Hack Download

South Park: Phone Destroyer™ v2.3.1 Mod Apk Hack (Removed License Check / Geo Location Check) Android Download
Hi guys. South Park Phone Destroyer was announced in E3 by Ubisoft and after couple of hours we got its soft launch in Denmark and Finland. Its a real time strategic collectible card game with your favorite south park characters. players of south park phone destroyer apk will have to collect stronger cards to make their strongest decks and upgrade them.

If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.

Smartphone Privacy Settings You Need To Activate Today
South Park MOD APK needs to enable your device’s Unknown Sources settings before
downloading Unable to enable Unknown sources setting You can not install the best South Park Apk Mod installer on
your Android device To activate the Unknown Sources option you need to change your Security Settings by logging into your
mobile device’s Settings Menu.

Game Name: South Park: Phone Destroyer™
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Card
Release Date: 08.02.2018
Language: English
Size: 83.4 MB
Developer Company: Ubisoft Entertainment
File Type: .apk
Price Status: FREE
Mod: YES+root is required

What’s In The MOD APK
(Removed License Check / Geo Location Check)

googleplay logo

Found files “ESET NOD32” virus scanning is done with the program.

Download Link
MOD APK Download
Alternative Link
MOD APK Download

Android APK Download