Golf Hero – Pixel Golf 3D v1.1.7 Mod Apk Money

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Pixel Golf 3D

Pixel Golf 3D v1.1.7 Mod Apk Money An exciting golf world that you can enjoy on the go!

Avoid obstacles and hit a thrilling shot! Have a 1 on 1 showdown with your friends from around the world and become a real golfer.

Choose unique, cute characters and play with them in a realistic golf sandbox.

▣ Distress with cool shots! ▣
: Brush up on your skills and hit a hole-in-one!

▣ Enjoy real time 1 vs 1 multiplayer. ▣
: Play golf with friends around the world on Facebook and Google Play!

▣ A varied and unique character roster! ▣
: Collect all Pixel Golf 3D characters and use them in the sandbox!

▣ More than 300 different stages and a special infinite mode. ▣
: Avoid difficult obstacles and hit a perfect hole-in-one for success.

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– This game supports ‘한국어’, ‘Indonesian’, ‘Bahasa malay’, ‘English’, ‘日本語’, ‘中文简体’, ‘中文繁體’, ‘Deutsch’, ‘français’, ‘Español’, ‘ไทย’, ‘Русский’, ‘Arabic’.

【Pixel Golf 3D Feature】
☞ Cute, unique graphics and a retro pix-elated sandbox world!
☞ Real time 1 vs 1 multiplayer with players around the world!
☞ More than 300 different stages and a special infinite mode
☞ Free daily bonus items and an exhilarating gachya system.

【How to play Pixel Golf 3D】
☞ Aim your guide line exactly with the desired hole.
☞ Once the guideline lines up with the hole, hit it.
☞ If you want to cancel the shot, double-tap the screen with another finger.
☞ Try to avoid obstacles in your path for a hole-in-one!

– This game is acceptable for purchasing the items partially. When purchasing the items, the additional costs could be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defense according to the item types.

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Pixel Golf 3D
Pixel Golf 3D
Pixel Golf 3D
Pixel Golf 3D
Pixel Golf 3D
Pixel Golf 3D


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This startup could make the Pixel 3's speakers disappear

It almost went unnoticed. Google bought Redux, a startup in the UK, which has several technologies capable of making smartphone speakers disappear. Could this be our first hint of a feature for the Google Pixel 3? It’s not that unlikely.

Google apparently bought the British startup Redux in 2016. The most interesting thing about the startup is that it has developed a technology which allows for sound to come from the display without separate speakers. This sort of thing isn’t completely new because TV manufacturers have already managed to make it work, in the high-end segment, of course.

For example, Sony has introduced the second generation of the Bravia A series at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. This OLED 4K Smart TV lacks conventional speakers. Instead, the whole screen vibrates with the help of actuators. LG showed off a similar technology called Crystal Sound at CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

Redux technology creates space for other components

Space inside a smartphone is a precious commodity. Thanks to Redux’s technology, Google could save room in the Pixel 3 by eliminating conventional speakers. The extra space inside could be used for a larger battery or possibly an Apple iPhone X-like TrueDepth camera.

Getting rid of the speaker opening could have other positive results, like potentially earning the Pixel 3 a higher IP rating.

Not just for Pixel phones

The Redux technology isn’t just for smartphones, because according to the company’s LinkedIn page, Redux owns 178 patents, including one that generates accurate vibrational feedback. Such feedback could also be used as a kind of keyboard haptic feedback on a larger display. This could be used in the next iteration of the Pixel C tablets. Another possibility would be to use the technology in potential successors to the Google Home or Home Mini, which could then be equipped with displays.

One step at a time, though. For the immediate future, putting Redux’s audio technology in the Pixel 3 is possible.

What do you think of this innovation? Do you think it’s realistic to expect to see this technology in the Pixel 3 by Fall 2018? Discuss it with us in the comments.

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Google Pixel Buds review: Higher expectations, greater disappointment

I have now been using the first pair of headphones from Google for over a month now. According to Google, these Assistant-equipped headphones can help you speak other languages. Sounds good right? We’ll discuss whether they kept their promises. Spoiler: from the title, you can already imagine how it ended…


  • Quick connection to Google smartphones
  • Integrated Google Assistant
  • Stylish carrying case with 24h of integrated battery
  • Ability to listen to notifications


  • Non-functional and cumbersome real-time translation
  • Sound quality under tone
  • Uncomfortable to wear for long periods
  • Touch too sensitive
  • Difficult to use in noisy environments

Release date and price

In the US, the Google Pixel Buds are available for $ 159. I personally found the price tag quite high, due to the lack of build quality and audio, as well as the limited features.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 7972  The Pixel Buds in black / © AndroidPIT

There are three colors available: Just Black, Clearly White and Kinda Blue. We received the black ones to test.

Design and build quality

The Pixel Buds case looks really impressive. On the outside the case has a fabric finish similar to the Google Home and Daydream View, and to the touch it’s much softer. The closure is magnetic and hides the precious earphones in a kind of black rubberized plastic.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 7999 At first glance, the case is similar to the Google Home Mini / © AndroidPIT

You should be careful to roll and position your Pixel buds up to allow the case to close, to prevent any wear or damage to the ear buds and to charge them. In fact, Google even places a sticker inside the case to show you how to do it.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 8017 Thanks for the instructions, Google! / © AndroidPIT

The headphones have a nice circular design. What I didn’t like was the plastic material which felt cheap and as though they could be easily damaged. The cable however, is a good quality braided cable, which goes through the headphones to form a ring that must be adjusted to your ears to prevent them from falling,

At first, I thought this was a good idea, but then after a few hours using it I found it annoying, due to having no locking mechanism which causes the ring to shrink which can be uncomfortable. This is part of the reason for storing the headphones in a particular way to prevent the reduction in size.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 7965 The outer piece of the headphones / © AndroidPIT

The Pixel Buds have an open design (the in style of AirPods, without rubber) and require that you adjust settings on the right earphone, as a result these headphones were uncomfortable and took a lot of time to get used to. Pushing the headset too much into the ear canal is not a pleasant sensation, and unfortunately pressing the physical commands can cause this. The touch surface is very sensitive, and you’ll often find yourself having to stop the music to adjust the settings to how you need them. As well as this, the headphones do not disable touch when not in use, and there are no other ways to switch the headphones off until they are back in the case.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 7996 They are recharged via a USB type-C port / © AndroidPIT

Special features

There are no apps for the management of Pixel Buds. The headphone settings are only accessible from Google Assistant, which I think is a good thing. In the settings we can see if the headphones are connected to the smartphone, the battery level and a little more information that you would not be able to see otherwise.

With a forward or backward swipe on the right earpiece, you can control the volume. Holding your finger down, you will be in direct contact with Assistant, which is very quick. There is no lag between the touch of the headset and the beginning of the voice assistants listening. Touch the headset, talk, and release once the command is complete. Its that easy!

With a double tap, Assistant will let you know if you have any notifications from your phone, and this in my opinion is the best thing on the Pixel Buds. Once you’ve tried this feature, you’ll wonder why other headphones are not able to do it. I didn’t put the headphones back in the box for almost a week because of this.

Pixel buds screenshot3 Screenshot taken during setup / © AndroidPIT

Unfortunately there is no way to switch between audio tracks if you do not ask Google Assistant. This problem is that not everyone feels comfortable repeating “next track, next track, next track” in front of strangers.

Translation in real time

The most interesting function of the Pixel Buds is unfortunately, is its most disappointing: the translation in real time.

Here’s how it should work: first ask google for a translation with your smartphone in your hand and this will be translated to your chosen language and read aloud from the smartphone. I was expecting this to be the case with the Pixel Buds.

Pixel buds screenshot1 Pairing with Google Pixel is easy / © AndroidPIT

The problem is that they use the Google Translate application already installed on your Pixel (the feature is only available on Google Pixel smartphones). I feel that the Pixel Buds pose a further barrier to an already embarrassing conversation between two people.

The same result can be achieved with your smartphone alone, without needing the additional equipment, and seen as the headphones can only be used with Pixel smartphones, the feature is pretty much useless to everyone else.

The results of the translations of course depend on how well the smartphone understands the sentences, most of the time it can be quite inaccurate.

google translate 3 Translate function has been available on Google for a long time, without the need for headphones / © AndroidPIT 

It is better than nothing though. But we’re still far from being able to communicate in different languages just by wearing headphones. As impressive as this feature sounded, they are not practical in real life.


Any low-cost pair of headphones will bring you the same audio quality. Google headsets do not isolate from external sounds and do not have a noise cancelling technology. Pixel Buds use the most classic AAC on Bluetooth 4.2.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 8009 If you’re looking for high quality headphones, look elsewhere / © AndroidPIT

The microphones are excellent and incorporate the now famous “OK Google” hotword. Even the commands given to the headphones are received with no problems, provided it’s not to noisy where you are. I had difficulty using the voice commands in crowded places.


The Pixel Buds battery is 120 mAh. Google claims that you can get 5 hours out of the battery life but in reality, you will only be able to get 4 hours out of them. Fortunately. The case has an additional 620 mAh which should guarantee you a little over 20 hours of total use.

The charging is via a USB Type-C cable and the headphones can only be charged inside. With 10 minutes of charging, you could use the headphones for an extra hour.

AndroidPIT google pixel buds 7987 The headphones charge once the case is closed / © AndroidPIT

Final verdict

These headphones are worthy competitors to the Apple AirPods, with advanced translation features and expectations were very high. It seems that Google did not have a clear idea of which audience these headphones were for, and as a result there was a mixture of poor quality and disappointment.

They are not intended for listening to music, as there are not controls for switching between tracks, and they do not have the audio quality that you’d expect. They are not intended for joggers or physical activity as the cable absorbs sweat and do not sit securely on the ear.

Who are these headphones for then? It’s difficult to say. The only suitable use that came to my mind is sitting in the office, in relative silence with your smartphone at hand around people who don’t mind you talking to Google Assistant constantly. If you don’t mind spending this amount of money for a pair of headphones that are useless outside of your home or office, then you might be happy with the Pixel Buds.


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Pixel Car Racer v1.0.81 Hack Mod Android Apk Download


Pixel Car Racer v1.0.81 Hack (many boxes) Mod Android Apk Download
Hi guys. an exciting pixel ” sandbox ” in which gamers will plunge into the world of speed, tuning, racing and garages.
Create a garage of your dreams,

and as a result turn an ordinary car into a real monster able to outrun any sports car.
Huge selection of machines, spare parts for them, the competition

in which you can earn a good and more long entice any player indifferent to the roar of engines .

If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.






Game Name: Pixel Car Racer
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Racing
Release Date: 27.05.2017
Language: English
Size: 64 MB
Developer Company: Studio Furukawa
File Type: .apk
Price Status: FREE
Mod: YES

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Pixel Boom Mod Apk v1.072 Android Download

Pixel Boom Mod (Money) Apk v1.072 Android Download
Explanation: Pixel Boom: This is Action game. Darkness and recklessness meet you! You are the only human in this hell. You should find the way to save your life killing monsters. Explore streets and unknown areas using all possible weapon you will buy. Multiplayer is also available if you want to have a competition with other players.

If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.

Game Name: Pixel Boom
Category: Android Games Download
Game Type: Action
Release Date: 06.01.2018
Language: English
Size: 24.7 MB
Developer Company: Atmosight
File Type: .apk+obb
Price Status: FREE
Mod: YES

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Pixel 2 XL vs LG V30: Which LG should it be?

My personal journey with both smartphones began in early summer with the first signs that my Galaxy S7 was reaching its end. In the fall of 2017 I would need a new smartphone and after some deliberation about my viable options, I came to the conclusion that only the LG V30 or the Pixel 2 XL would probably meet my needs, although at that point all I knew about them amounted to rumors.

The IFA showcased the LG V30 for all to admire, which was the clear star of the conference. After that I used a pre-production model of the V30 for two months, and then a few weeks later I had a standard device. Without a doubt the V30 didn’t last a very long time.

How did I end up with the Google Pixel 2 XL? I had my first moment of disillusion with the V30’s camera. I wanted to take a picture of my son as we were in the living room. The only thing visible in the picture was a mash of pixels and motion blurs. I thought to myself that the old Pixel could have done a better job. After that the Google Pixel 2 XL was already on its way, since it was the only option aside from the V30.

AndroidPIT lg v30 vs google pixel 2 xl 7119 Should you purchase the Google Pixel 2 XL or the LG V30? / © AndroidPIT

Pixel 2 XL or V30: My small camera shootout

Ever since then I’ve been wondering if my smartphone photos are really that much better now. My honest answer is mixed. I was already surprised that the V30 did better in our blind test than the Pixel 2 XL. When glancing at the photos, that result seems plausible, but my own experiences are a bit more contradictory. The Pixel 2 XL definitely makes good (although not perfect) photos in less than ideal lighting conditions. This is admittedly not easy to achieve automatically, but in this case the pictures from the Pixel 2 XL are definitely far too warm. Almost every photo needs to be reworked. So much for better indoor performance. When photographed, some objects lead to a pixel mash just like in the V30, but other photos come out very well even in poor lighting conditions. Overall, the photos from the Pixel 2 XL are always slightly darker, but contain so much detail that they can easily be enhanced in an app such as Snapseed, Google Photos or Lightroom.

AndroidPIT lg v30 vs google pixel 2 xl 7130 One camera can sometimes see more than two. Two are better for a wider perspective. / © AndroidPIT

During the day I got to know the Pixel 2 XL a little bit better. Both phones were able to capture Berlin’s gray winter excellently— you can’t get any grayer than that. In bright environments, the V30 snaps beautifully balanced photos. The only thing is that the HDR function is often too slow. I documented my vacation to Crete with the Galaxy S7 and the V30. The pictures from the V30 are mostly pretty good, but the best pictures are from the S7. The Pixel 2 XL, on the other hand, brings out impressive details for subjects with lots of light and shadow. When I compare it to the LG V30, I especially miss the wide-angle camera in the Pixel 2 XL. This makes great shots possible at perspectives that are otherwise impossible for smartphones.

I did not particularly warm up to the V30’s video function. In the first tests with the Google Pixel 2 XL I was at least enthusiastic about the camera stabilization. In any case I’m not going to become a videographer anytime soon.

In my short camera shootout between the Pixel 2 XL and the V30, the Pixel 2 came out on top. But you should see and decide for yourself:

And for the sake of comparison, here are the picture galleries from our two tests:

V30 and Pixel 2 XL: Two smartphones with that special something

Although the technical data of both smartphones are very similar and they hardly differ in terms of performance, their exteriors are quite different.

Both boast narrow edges around the displays, but only the V30 pulls it off gracefully. In contrast, the Google Pixel 2 XL has much more pronounced bezels. The V30 is designed more elegantly with its silver metal frame. The glass back looks really good and the LG has rounded glass on all sides, which creates a great feel.

AndroidPIT lg v30 vs google pixel 2 xl 7099 LG V30 vs. Google Pixel 2 XL = Elegance vs. Extravagance? / © AndroidPIT

Google does however tend to be extravagant: the black-white version is more well known than the Panda edition and features an orange power button that you don’t see everyday. Its fabric comes in the color ‘midnight’, which really caused a stir. Nevertheless, in comparison to the V30, the Pixel 2 XL looks more stunning.

If you’re looking for a handy and still pleasantly large smartphone, you will find the perfect companion in the V30.

Pixel scandal: The LG OLED panels are not optimal

One of the biggest controversies this year was definitely the display of the Pixel 2 XL. We remember it well: a controversial color setting, burn-in effects and poor viewing angles. The Pixel 2 XL display has everything that we already hated in 2010 (but had to tolerate anyway, since there were no alternatives). Tragically, the same panel is also in the V30.

AndroidPIT lg v30 vs google pixel 2 xl 7088 LG V30 vs. Google Pixel 2 XL: The displays aren’t eye-catching. / © AndroidPIT

But apart from this theoretical discussion, everyday use also counts. And unfortunately you can see the issues. Colors quickly become bluish with the narrow viewing angles. This can still be seen in the Pixel 2 XL and the LG V30, although that won’t bother anyone.

The color issue in the Pixel 2 XL is more of a theoretical problem and only really stands out when it is compared to other smartphones. In everyday use, the color’s display is actually more realistic than those of other smartphones. I do find it annoying that the maximum brightness of the Pixel 2 XL is noticeably less than the V30’s.

The display of our V30 test device unfortunately has its problems. There are some remnants in the uniform illumination that I have never seen before, at least in OLED panels. On closer inspection, both smartphones tend to display slightly rushing white areas. The effect is more pronounced in the Pixel 2 XL. Both smartphones have the more classical features, such as sharp display, etc.

In short: the LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL don’t have bad displays, but don’t have great displays either. The color display of the Pixel 2 XL is a bit more natural, but the overall impression of the V30’s display is somewhat better.

Software: Google is now doing its own thing

I was really astonished when I was setting up my Pixel 2 XL. After the first couple steps only a handful of apps were installed, which took up just one page in the app drawer. That didn’t happen with the V30. On our test device various apps like Facebook and WhatsApp were preinstalled.

lg v30 floating display lower The LG V30 may have slightly better software. / © AndroidPIT

Google’s user interface is better with the Pixel 2 XL. The live wallpapers are a great gimmick that Google unfortunately does not provide in the Wallpapers app in the Play Store. The design of the home screen is more well-conceived because it’s more cleaned up.

AndroidPIT Google Pixel 2 XL 1605 Google Pixel 2 XL is paving its own path with the user interface. / © AndroidPIT

The app drawer first has to be set up with the V30, which results in a more familiar environment. It also has the better always-on display since settings can be changed quickly and the display can also be configured.

Although I haven’t done it yet on my Pixel 2 XL, it’s probably only a matter of time. It is recommended to install an alternative launcher on practically every smartphone.

A few words about the battery

After a long day, of course, the question always comes up: what about the battery? This is always a crucial question for smartphone users. The Pixel 2 XL has a slightly better capacity: 3,500 mAh vs. 3,300 mAh. In everyday use the difference is barely noticeable. With nearly 130 apps, neither the LG V30 nor the Google Pixel 2 XL are able to carry me through 2 days without being recharged. After one day of use, both are left with about 40 to 50 percent battery, which isn’t enough to skip a nightly recharge. With both smartphones I’m able to make it through one day with no problem. That’s not so bad, but it’s worth mentioning that that’s only a minimum requirement.

AndroidPIT lg v30 vs google pixel 2 xl 7104 LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL: Neither makes a breakthrough when it comes to battery life. / © AndroidPIT

Technical data and performance

The Google Pixel 2 XL and the LG V30 hardly differ on their respective datasheets: Snapdragon 835 for a load of power, 4 GB of RAm, 64 GB of memory, 6-inch OLED display with QHD+ resolution: wherever you look, the technical data is almost identical in principle. And you can feel the enormous power when it comes to everyday use: no stutters, no pauses.

That’s true for the LG V30 as well as for the Pixel 2 XL.

Google Pixel 2 XL vs. LG V30 technical specifications

  Google Pixel 2 XL LG V30
Dimensions: 157.9 x 76.7 x 7.9 mm 151.7 x 75.4 x 7.3 mm
Weight: 175 g 158 g
Battery size: 3520 mAh 3300 mAh
Screen size: 6 in 6 in
Display technology: POLED POLED
Screen: 2880 x 1440 pixels (537 ppi) 2880 x 1440 pixels (537 ppi)
Front camera: 8 megapixels 5 megapixels
Rear camera: 12.3 megapixels 16 megapixels
Flashlight: Dual-LED LED
Android version: 8.1 – Oreo 7.1.2 – Nougat
User interface: Stock Android LG UX
RAM: 4 GB 4 GB
Internal storage: 64 GB 64 GB
Removable storage: Not available microSD
Chipset: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Number of cores: 8 8
Max. clock speed: 2.45 GHz 2.45 GHz
Connectivity: HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0 HSPA, LTE, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0

There are, however, two glaring differences on two critical points. The LG V30 has a headphone jack and it has a MicroSD slot. The Pixel 2 XL has neither. I saved these last two important issues for the end. Personally, both aspects aren’t that important to me. But in some cases they are enormously practical. Although Bluetooth headsets are fine without cables, there’s always a fight with the connection and the quality is not always optimal. For fans of wired headphones, the V30 also has a high-quality digital-to-analog converter, the Quad DAC. This guarantees very good sound quality and regulates volume just fine.

AndroidPIT lg v30 vs google pixel 2 xl 7125 Google Pixel 2 XL and LG V30: Worthy competitors. / © AndroidPIT

MicroSD cards are very popular with users, but Google’s Android developers don’t like them. Memory cards are not really considered as a backup medium, even for data exchange and media storage. If you can’t live without them, you won’t be happy with the Pixel 2 XL.

LG V30 vs. Google Pixel 2 XL: Which is the better buy?

The Google Pixel 2 XL is very expensive at $ 850. So much money for a smartphone? That doesn’t always have to be the case. However, the LG V30 is currently also in this price range, at least for most retailers. Experience has shown that prices for LG smartphones fall considerably and quite quickly. This makes the V30 the winner in terms of price.

Lowest price: LG V30

Best price

Lowest price: Google Pixel 2 XL

Best price

LG V30 or Google Pixel 2 XL?

This comparison has one winner: LG. Both smartphones originate from LG’s factories. The better smartphone, however, very much depends on personal preferences. I’ll try to go into that a little bit.

I like both smartphones a lot. Two aspects, however, make me tend to the Pixel 2 XL. First, there’s the camera, which is ultimately better suited for my purposes. Secondly, there’s the software, especially since I like using the latest version of Android professionally.

The LG V30 scores points for its complete hardware, since it offers interesting photography options and because its handy. Ultimately, LG has done something with the V30 that seemed almost impossible a year ago: LG has designed a dignified high-end smartphone that can compete well in the high-end sector.

What experiences have you had with these smartphones? Please let us know in the comments.

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Pixel Gun 3D v12.1.1 Android APK Hack Mod Download


Pixel Gun 3D v12.1.1 Android APK Hack (God Mode & More) Mod Download
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Game Name: Pixel Gun 3D
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Game Type: Action
Release Date: 21.05.2017
Language: English
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Developer Company: Rilisoft Ltd.
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1.. “APK” install it on your device
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Pixel Force 2 v1.4.0 Mod Apk Hack Download

Pixel Force 2 v1.4.0 Mod (Money) Apk Hack Download
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If you want to play this game, you can download and play the game from the link below. Good luck.

Game Name: Pixel Force 2
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Pixel Trip v1.0.1 Mod Apk FULL Android Download

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Grid Attack – It starts off on a 4×4 Grid, but grows in complexity the longer you survive!

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Time Attack – Have two minutes to spare? Well this was built for you! Simple, but satisfying Time Attack requires you to beat yourself.

Post your High Scores and challenge your friends to beat it!

You can buy this game for a fee in the Android store. ( You can also download FREE from the link below.

Game Name: Pixel Trip
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